Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lesson 30, Fair Day 2 & 4 yrs Ago

Four years ago today, I arrived at the Ministry of Justice for what I thought was some routine paperwork in the adoption process. I stood before a glass window staring at a clerk behind it. I saw her thumb through papers and stamp some of them. She was so very serious and all I could do was smile nervously, not knowing what was happening. I watched as the two Facilitators ran to this window and that. Then finally the one Facilitator came over and goes after you leave here you get Custody of your Daughter from the Orphanage. I was blown away, I couldn't believe it was happening, that I was going to get Custody. We headed to the Orphanage around 1pm, we meet with the Orphanage Director, signed some paperwork and then we were told to go get our babies. When I walked in, the Nanny had just finished changing Keree. When they handed her to me, she smiled and giggled. We took one last picture of me holding Keree and a few of the Nannies that were in the room. We then walked down the stairs, where we pasted one of the other Nannies from her room, she kissed her head and waved bye-bye. We were then handed some paperwork and whisked into a taxi to head back to the hotel. It was all a little surreal that day.

We got a late start this morning, getting back into the swing of show season is rough. Keree enjoyed lunch in her pajamas. I fixed her an octopus hot dog, spinach/zucchini/tomato/black olive salad and she got a few whole grain cheesy potato chips. She cleared her plate completely. We headed down to the Fair and we got to get in at 5p to set-up. We moved a few things around, otherwise we were pretty much set-up. After everything was done, Keree and I walked around. I wanted to get individual pictures of her items that had won ribbons. We also wanted to walk around and see all the vegetables and fruits that were competing for Best in Show and other titles. We were surprised to see that a Giant Pumpkin was the winner for Best in Show. When we got back to the booth, we went through Lesson 30, which was a review of the last sound we learned. Then, Keree and Mom walked around for awhile. They also went back to the stage and watched the World Bird Sanctuary perform a show with all their owls, hawks and other endangered birds. Keree loved it and really loved the owls. After the Bird show was over, they watched the Suzuki String program. When they got back to the booth, Keree and I went for a walk. Keree begged me to get to play the Goldfish toss game. So being that today was a special day, I caved, plus I thought there was no way she was going to win. So I paid the $2 for 15 balls and before I even got back my change. Keree threw her 1st ball and it went right into a bowl. I couldn't believe it and neither could she, she had won a fish. We took our time, she would throw a few and then she would hand one to me. We were always close but it never went in one of the bowls. She was down to her last ball, so she threw it and of course it landed in a bowl. So Keree is now the proud owner of two Fantail Goldfish. She named them Dorothy (after Elmo's goldfish) and Bob. She was so excited, that we rushed back inside to show my Mom. She was helping a Customer, so we had to walk around for a bit wasting time. So since she couldn't tell my Mom and she bursting with excitement. She got to call my Brother, they were so funny talking to each other about the Fish and as soon as Keree told him, she was done talking to him. When Keree finally got to tell my Mom she hid them behind her back and goes "TaDa". It was so adorable and we still couldn't believe that she not only one 1 fish but 2. After the show was done, we headed outside it was 2 for 1 night on the rides. Keree really wanted to ride the Carousel and this way whoever rode with her didn't need tickets because of the whole 2 for 1 deal. Keree did so well on the ride, she wasn't scared at all. So we decided to try another ride, since she did so good. My Mom wanted to take her on the Ferris Wheel but Keree told her that she thought it was a little too high. So in my brilliance, I suggested the tilt-a-whirl. The reason I suggested it, is because you aren't really tossed around all that much and in all honestly the spinning isn't that bad. So my Mom and Keree got on the Tilt-a-Whirl. Keree was excited until it started up, the noise frightened her more than the actually ride. By the end of the ride, she had her head buried into my Mom's lap. After that, we called it quits with riding rides. Since it was late, we decided to head home. Keree was so concerned about her new pets. I can't even count how many times she asked about them as she headed home. When we got home, Keree told them goodnight and we all headed to bed.

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