Monday, August 2, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday

When Keree woke up this morning, she wasn't feeling too hot. Between the swing of the weather, which is wreaking havoc on her allergies/sinuses and I also think she's got a touch of this stomach virus going around. I ended up calling her off from PT because she kept thinking she was going to get sick. Which is something she never says....seriously she has never said she was going to throw up. Luckily our morning went without incident but she just wanted to lay around. When it was time for lunch, she really didn't want to eat and I didn't push the subject. She even went to take a nap with no hassle and within 10 minutes of getting comfortable, she was asleep. Luckily when she woke up, she was feeling a little better and wanted to eat. So I decided to fix her a late lunch/dinner. We had sort of a princess theme going on with our Muffin tin. I picked things I knew she would hopefully eat. Some fresh green peppers, fresh tomatoes, roast beef, cheese cut in the shapes of crown and some peanut butter crackers. She actually ate pretty well except for 2 tomatoes and a cracker. Keree really wanted dessert, so I told her she had to wait until we knew if she would keep down her food. Surprisingly, she did well and got to enjoy some organic cherry pomegranate yogurt. Keree got to play outside for a short time, so that meant we got to try out our SkinnyKidz belt we won a few weeks ago. It was a little on the loose side even using the first button but I can't complain because it did hold up her size 3-6 mos jean shorts. I gotta say we are now a fan of these belts. We then ended our night watching American Pickers and amazingly this is the episode they just taped in my area. So it was awesome getting to watch something that literally was just tapped within the last few weeks.
Now I'm putting this down, so someday I can look back and remember this. My Mom just got herself a new glue gun. It's a cool temp glue gun but I told her that it was still gonna burn her fingers. I'm sticking with my old hot temp glue gun. So tonight, my Mom was going to start her trial run with the glue gun but she couldn't find it anywhere. Which isn't an uncommon thing to happen in our house. She asked me with a accusing tone and I was like seriously you think I'm hiding your glue gun, so I go ask Keree, she probably knows where it is. My Mom looked at me like I was crazy. So I ask Keree, "Where's Grandma's glue gun." Keree takes my Mom's hand and hidden under her toys was the bag and inside was the glue gun and glue. All I could do was sit there and laugh hysterically.

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  1. Sorry she didn't feel well. The lunch looks good.