Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I had to laugh this morning because yet again it was chilly but Keree really wanted to still wear summer clothes. After I dropped Keree off at school, I came home and worked on shop stuff. I spent the entire morning photography all the new items we have gotten finished over the last few weeks. I've got to say,I was really happy with the photos. When I went to pick Keree up, the summary said that they finished up their Book about the Friends in the Morning Class (each kid drew a picture, suppose to be of them self and then the teacher wrote whatever the child said about the picture or about them self). It also said they read a different book on the 1st day of school and learned a few new songs. As for Keree, she was miserable when I picked her up. Before we even made it to the car, she broke down into tears in the middle of the parking lot because her feet/leg was hurting so bad. As soon as she was strapped in her carseat, I gave her some chewable tylenol...which since giving medicine lately has been a battle, it lead to more tears. Then basically the entire drive home, she cried miserable because of the pain. Once we got home, I was meeting with the Homeschool Coordinator at noon, so we were staying outside. So while we waited for her, Keree laid miserably on the glider and since we had a little time, I finished up the Shop pictures. Well about half way through taking pictures, Keree decided she wanted to help. Which consisted of her trying to stand in front of the camera to block the shot. If I didn't know she miserable and in pain, she would have been in some major trouble, instead she just got in mild trouble. And since she was in rare form, I got some really amusing up close shots of her. Finally the Homeschool Coordinator showed up, she made copies of some paperwork and since that is all done, we are now submitted to the Committee. She will let us know there decision in a few weeks. Before we headed in, we picked the lonely cucumber and the one ripe tomato we have so far. We planned on eating it for lunch but Keree just wanted a hot dog and some fruit. As soon as she finished lunch, she was wanted to go to bed. She ended up taking an almost 3 hr nap before she woke up. I'm thankful that once she woke up, she was feeling back to her old self. We ended our evening with cheerleading practice. This is the 1st time that Keree has practiced with the Coach. The Coach had an attitude the minute she showed up. While Keree practiced, I talked with J's Mom and another Mom. We were trying to figure out everything with regards to the league that each other knew. They were only able to practice for a 1/2 hr because a couple of the girls needed to use the bathroom and of course the bathroom there was locked (just like last week). The Coach was like, I had no idea that they would have the doors locked. Umm, the Substitute Coach we had last week, she told you that the bathroom thing is an ongoing issue with alot of the squads. She even admitted that the Substitute Coach told her this. But the best part during the whole practice was when the Coach called the girls mediocre. I thought J's Mom was going to flip out right then and there. Seriously, you are calling the girls mediocre and this is only the 2nd practice you have been at and only the 3rd practice these girls have had. I honestly think they are doing pretty darn well considering everything.

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