Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lesson 32

Well the best laid plans of doing two lessons a day didn't happen today. When we covered Lesson 32 today, Keree seemed to struggle with a few of the "w" words. So after we finished Lesson 32, we went back and reviewed Lesson 31 and then re-did Lesson 32. By the time we were done, she was finished with school for the day but luckily she had a firm grasp on "w" words. In the late morning, we headed outside for a short time. It seems that the two Hornworms either ingested some of the tomato poison or they fought each other, but both of them seemed dead. So we decided just in case they weren't dead, we still emptied the bug house far away from our house. When afternoon rolled around, Keree laid down for a short nap, it was basically a power nap but while she was asleep, I was able to get two tutu's done. When Keree got up, we walked by Dorothy and she was laying on the bottom of the bowl (just 1/2 hr before she was happily swimming around). Both my Mom and I looked at each other when Keree asked what was wrong with Dorothy. We told her we thought maybe she was just resting. Keree looked a little longer and goes "no, your wrong she's not breathing, she's dead." My heart broke for her, she kept asking us why did Dorothy have to die. We told her again that goldfish don't live very long but she didn't see satisfied with that answer. It seemed this evening rolled around all too fast. We headed to cheerleading practice. The rules state you are suppose to arrive 15 minutes early, well that time came and went, then 6pm came and went. We were about to leave when a few other girls and their Mom's showed up. All of us was standing in the parking lot talking trying to figure out what was going on, when another women approached us. It turns out that our Coach couldn't make it, so she was filling in. *Grumble, Grumble, Grumble* I have to say that this Coach who filled in was really on top of it, even though she was just winging it with the cheers to a point. They learned there first Half time dance tonight and I can't wait to see it set to music. They also learned 5 other cheers. We ended up taping them performing so Keree can practice at home. While they practiced J's Mom and I got to catch up a little bit. It was nice getting to talk to another Mom. As you know earlier in the summer, I was a little concerned having the two of them together on the same team but after stressing to Keree that this was not playtime with her friend, she took the practice very serious. Keree is very excited about practice and can't wait till the next one, which is on Friday. Tonight, Keree headed to bed early. Tomorrow is her 1st day back to Pre-school. Actually, this will be technically her Third 1st day of Pre-School and she's very excited to see some of her friends tomorrow. I on the other hand is feeling a little emotional, this is the last year before my daughter goes to Kindergarten. I guess also I'm little emotional because Sunday is our 4th Forever Family day and I can't believe how quickly the years have passed by. Well off to bed, so I can make sure I'm up in time for school.

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