Monday, August 9, 2010

County Fair Entries & Lesson 29

We got up bright and early for PT, Keree was beyond excited to see our regular PT is back from vacation. You should of heard Keree squeal with delight when she saw her. I actually have to say I was just as thrilled that she was back. The only downside was the Hour session seemed to drag on forever! I'm thinking it's because I only slept about 3 hours and was super tired. As soon as her session was finished, we headed over to the County Fair grounds. We were setting up our booth and we also had to turn in Keree's entries. When you walked in the door, you waited in-line to be seen by the Check-in people, once they wrote some additional codes onto the entry sheet. They then passed it down to the Computer Entry people. This is where they printed off your official entry form and the tags you attach to your stuff. This is also where they would collect your money. Now Keree is under 18, so all the divisions she entered into are Free. Well when they called our name to give us our tags, they told me it was $1.50. I was a little perplexed and they explained to me that was because she had entered 3 things into the Disabled Persons category and it cost. So I paid the money because really $1.50 is nothing. Keree and I then set about attaching all the tags to her items but the whole $1.50 things bugged me. So after we got everything tagged, I re-looked at the book and there in plain text was Junior Disabled was free. So I politely pointed that out and they refunded me the $1.50. They apologized and I told them I was just glad I wasn't going crazy. After all that was done, we finished unloading the van and then started setting up our booth. It was nice that we didn't have a set time to get things done and so we took our time. We also have all day tomorrow to set-up, which is awesome. Once we finished everything we were setting up for today, we headed home. Keree fell asleep on our way home and of course she woke up when we got in the driveway. She was grouchy because she didn't get enough sleep and she either has really bad allergies or the start of a summer cold, so she's not feeling all that hot. So I carried her inside and she had a complete meltdown because she was thirsty. Amazingly, after I got her calmed down, she ate a bowl of cereal, 5 chicken nuggets, a few cherry tomatoes, some crackers and of course had 3 large glasses of water downed juice. I knew given her that much straight juice would make her sick. She rested on the couch but never did fall back asleep. We did cover Lesson 29, which introduced a new sound. After we finished the Lesson, we worked in a few workbooks. Keree has a new Maze workbook that she is crazy about. The rest of the night was spent finishing up stuff needed for our booth (like price tags).

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