Friday, August 20, 2010

Blood Boiling and Lesson 33 & 34

Keree didn't want to get up this morning but after she got to pick out her clothes and the clips for her hair, she was doing better. We arrived this morning a few minutes after 830a because we got stuck in traffic for 15 minutes. I really wish the city would do something about the intersection that causes the bottleneck every morning. When we arrived, even though the Main Teacher was right in front of us when we walked in, she glanced at Keree and I and turned her back but we warmly greeted her. Luckily, my Favorite Assistant Teacher was there and she excitedly welcomed Keree. I honestly was worried there would be issues with the Main Teacher since she's been Keree's teacher the last 3 yrs. We hung up Keree's backpack in her cubby and since the Favorite Assistant Teacher was starting a project at one of the tables, I directed Keree to sit down there. When I came to pick Keree up, the summary said that they drew pictures of themselves and described the pictures to the Favorite Assistant Teacher. They sung a new song to help them learn their friends names and also read the book "If you take a Mouse to School."

Now a little back story, at the end of last year, Keree's Main Teacher sends out a progress report. On the report it stated, not using Keree's name in the sentences that Keree was a bully to teachers and classmates, never listened and was a disruption to class. Now I had observed quite a few classes, went on every field trip there was and talked with other parents. I have only been told positive things, that Keree's is everyone's friend and so nice, that she listens so well. This summer at Bible School, they begged me to change Church's because she was such a joy, so well behaved and so friendly to all the children. The same was said at Baseball, Dance and any other activity she has ever been in. When I ran into several of the other Class Mom's over the summer, I mentioned what was written.....everyone of them gasped and did not believe that she had wrote that. I honestly asked them to tell me the truth and I honestly believe they did. So, my Mom and I concluded that she must have thought she had someone elses paperwork and wrote those awful things by mistake. So I decide to ask how Keree is doing so far. So when the Main Teacher was holding the door open, I flat out ask her "I just want to make sure there is no problems, that Keree isn't being a disruption or bullying other children" She looks at me strangely and goes "no there's nothing I can think of". Then I go "well I just want to make sure it doesn't get out of hand since you said how awful she was last year." I really wanted her to say, I'm not sure what you are talking about. Instead she suddenly goes...."well come to think about it, she is being a big bully and she's just so hard to handle." So I ask her, who is she bullying and what is she doing that makes her hard to handle. She has no answer other than "well she just is". Needless to say my blood starts boiling and honestly I was ready to yank her from school right then and there. Seriously, you say my daughter is a bully on Day 2 of school but you can't tell me when she was doing it, to who or how. I am perplexed by this whole thing, first you say there's nothing you can think of and then she's some rotten apple when I remind you of what you wrote last year. At this point, I'm waiting to see how it all plays out. I don't want her writing awful things that go in Keree's permanent record but heck that's already been done. So I guess I'm just waiting to see how all this plays out.

Once we got home, we worked on Lessons 33 & 34. It amazes me that only 30 lessons into the book how well Keree is reading and how quickly she is picking up on all of it. If it wasn't almost nap time, we probably could of covered another lesson. Keree did take a nap but it was only about 20 minutes long .We then got dressed for Cheerleading practice and we practiced some of the cheers before we had to leave. Well, as we were driving to practice, the phone rang. It was the Fill-In Coach, she was canceling practice because it had gotten super dark and the sky was filled with rain clouds. The downside was that all the storms indeed up passing us by and we only got maybe 5 sprinkles. We spent the rest of the evening working on store stuff, while Keree spent her time drawing in her notebook.

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