Saturday, August 14, 2010

County Fair Day 5

We got a slow start to our morning. After we got dressed, we had a little time before we had to leave. I was checking email, while Keree was watching Bob & Dorothy swim around. Keree kept telling me to watch them, so I had just finished watching them swim and turned back around and Keree goes "what's wrong with Bob, Mommy?" So both my Mom and I stop we are doing and look, Bob is floating belly up and not breathing. We hurried and transferred him out of the tank, we tried to do everything we could think of, practically giving him fishy cpr. Keere was so freaked out by the whole thing, she couldn't believe Bob died right in front of her. I couldn't believe that the fish died right in front of her. She came close to crying but had more questions than anything. She wanted to know where fish go after they die, what we were going to do with his body, why did he die and the questions went on. By the time we got to the Fair, she was doing better about losing Bob. When the fair started, Keree and my Mom went and watched the Dress your Dog contest. It was a little disappointing that there was only 3 dogs competing. When Keree got back to our booth, she just wanted to chill out. So we popped a movie in and built her a little tent out of our red table cloth (just her tennis shoes were sticking out). I think between it being nap time and what happened with Bob, she was just mentally exhausted. After she watched her movie, she never did fall asleep but she was feeling better and wanted to walk around. So my Mom took her outside and she got to play a game. Unlike previous days, she didn't want to play goldfish again, so she played the ducks. She ended up winning a stuffed monkey who looks like Curious George. Off and on during the day, her friend Ru would stop by. Keree meet Ru on the very 1st day of the fair and we ran into her Momma and her off and on over the past few days. Well towards the end of the day, Ru joined Keree and they watched Monster vs. Aliens...well the last 1/2 hr of it together. So while they watched the movie, Ru's Momma and I talked. Once the movie ended, they were headed home, while we still had an hour left of the show and at least an hour or more of break down. After they left, Keree and my Mom walked around a little bit around the booths. One of the vendors had a few ride tickets left and they gave 2 to Keree. Keree was excited because that meant she was going to get to ride the carousel again. The show closed and we were hoping to get everything packed quickly, so we could all go out together and watch Keree on the carousel but it didn't work that way. So while I finished packing, my Mom and Keree quickly hurried out there and she got to ride. My Mom said it was crazy because they were already packing up the horses while Keree was riding. The downside to this ride was Keree didn't enjoy it. The motion was just to much for her, so my Mom had to hold her tightly until the ride stopped. Once they headed back inside, we finished packing a few more things. It was 1130p, when we finally decided to call it a night. We only have the grids, racks, the monster and the denim to load up tomorrow. When we got home, we checked on Dorothy before we let Keree see her. We were scared that after what happened to Bob, that she was going to be dead also. Luckily, she was happily swimming around.

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