Sunday, August 15, 2010

Break Down & County Fair Wins

This morning, our first stop was a local church, they were having a Back to School party. We thought it would be a fun thing to do. We have also been involved with the Church when they have had other parties for the kids of the community. Well what the failed to tell anyone was with this party they were having it during church service. Well, we were all dressed in our break-down clothes, so we all had sleeveless t-shirts and shorts on. I was so embarrassed when we walked in and everyone else was in their Sunday best. So we sat through 2 hours of church service, which was peppered with Dancing Gorillas, Cows, Puppets and Games. The service ended with them giving a handful of school supplies to all the children in attendance. As soon as Church was over, we headed to the County Fair to finish our breakdown. We had loaded the majority of stuff last night, so all that was left today was our grids and racks. When we arrived there, our first stop was to pick up Keree's entries, ribbons and check. Keree was so excited to pick up all her ribbons and then I explained to her about the check. She couldn't believe that she had won money, she was thrilled enough with just the ribbons, the money was the icing on the cake. We then headed over to where we were set-up and started breaking down the grids, packing a few of the last boxes and then loading. While we loaded, Keree laid down on the bench by the van. One of the workers, we had seen over the last week saw her laying there and told her Hi and asked her how she was doing. Keree said "I worked too hard, I'm tired". All I could do was laugh at her. We were all tired and hot by the time we got home. We spent the evening relaxing, catching up with our family and trying to stay cool.

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