Monday, August 30, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday and Lesson 39 & 40

We had a rough morning, I forgot how much my body aches after a weekend show. Keree was exhausted but I finally managed to get her out of bed without much fuss. I dropped her off school and ran some errands. As I was heading back to pick her up at school, it started pouring down rain. These were some of the largest drops of rain, I think I've ever seen. I read the class summary, they worked on a new class book about friends, read a book and played outside. When Keree's Main Teacher opened the door, the first thing out of her mouth was "Keree had a traumatic incident today." Having not seen my daughter through the window ahead of time, a million things ran through my head. I'm imagining her with bumps, bruises, missing limbs and the next thought was "why didn't they call me if she got hurt." Well in what seemed like forever, the Main Teacher finally started to explain. The class was outside when it started to rain. Keree's shoe on her brace had came off (still not sure how that happened because it practically takes a crowbar to get it off), so of course she can't run and come in. So, since the last few storms, has had lots of thunder and lightening. Keree panics and starts crying, her Teacher ended up having to save her. So she was just a little damp from being out in the rain. Thank goodness it was just a little rain and nothing something worse.
When we got home, I worked on Keree's Muffin Tin lunch. This week's theme was Numbers, Counting, 123's. Well since we had a show this weekend, I saw tons of Christmas stuff. So, the first thing that came into my head when I thought of the theme was the song 12 days of Christmas. So I present to you the first 5 days of Christmas. The first compartment is a Partridge in a Pear Tree, it contains shaved ham for the top of the tree, a slice of cucumber for the trunk and a bird shaped out of cheese. The next compartment is Two Turtle Doves and contains a bagel chip with two cheese birds. Up next is Three French Hens, which is also a bagel chip and three cheese birds. In the next row is Four Calling Birds, which is four cheese birds on top of four cherry tomatoes and lastly Five Golden Rings, which are 5 Oatey-o's (sort of like a Cheerios). So before we ate lunch, we sang the 12 days of Christmas song. After lunch, we worked on Lessons 39 & 40, which introduced a few what they consider tricky words and also a new phonic. Once Keree finished her lessons, she laid down for a nap. Even though she was exhausted, she fought resting tooth and nail. She only slept for about a 1/2 hr and once she woke up, she spent another 1/2 hr just resting in bed. Keree spent the rest of the evening drawing. I think she drew at least 40-50 pictures and I worked on craft stuff since in two weeks is our big show in Kentucky.


  1. Cute tin! That's quite a flock of birds you had there! :) It's cute that you did a Christmas song. My 5 year old daughter has been singing Jingle Bells for the past week or so. I asked why she was singing a winter song when it's still so far away and she answered "Now that I know the words, I just have to sing it!" I love this age. :)

  2. Genius idea! I wish I had thought of it!

  3. This is wonderful. I love how to tied it to a song.