Sunday, August 8, 2010

Figured It Out

We spent most of today working on the backdrop for the Talent show. I really thought, we were almost finished yesterday but we were so very far from being finished. So while I worked on cutting outside, Keree played. She played for a short time on her swingset, blew bubbles, played on her sit and spin, and drew tons of chalk pictures on the sidewalk. Once all the cutting was done, we headed inside and worked on decorating everything we cut out. We finally got everything done around 6pm, so we then headed outside to put everything together and see how it looked. Keree was beyond excited at how cute it turned out and insisted that she practice singing in front of it. I'm not sure how many times she practiced but she looked just so adorable. I can't wait till she has her outfit on Tuesday to see the whole affect pulled together. Once she was finished, my Mom and I spent time loading the van for set-up tomorrow. We had put the other captain's seat back in about a month and a half ago, so we could have an extra passenger. So of course, today I had to take it out. I swear, the bench seat weighs less than the 1 captain's chair. People wonder why I have the arm strength I do, I swear it's because of that Captain Chair! In between the loading, Keree asked me to get out her Big Girl bike. She has struggled so much with having the pedals right beneath her and not having enough strength with her legs positioned that way. So I got her bike out for her but reminded her that she may have some trouble, hoping she wouldn't feel too defeated when she couldn't do it. She still can't pull herself up onto the bike seat, so I had to help her. And then she just sat there, she kept pushing and pushing her foot trying to make the pedal go. So I tell her, "Keree, it's ok, maybe you just need to grow and get a little stronger still." She looked at me and said "no Momma, I gonna ride my big girl bike." She sat there and struggled another good 10 minutes and suddenly, it happens, she's starts pedaling down the sidewalk. I was too in shock to do anything. And just as quickly as she starts pedaling, she slams on her brakes. I asked her if she meant to slam on her brakes and she goes "yes because I wasn't going the speed limit." All I could do was laugh. She does have trouble starting out and will struggle with it for quite some time until suddenly she will just take off. We still have to work on looking up while she pedals. I'm not even going to worry about teaching her how to balance just yet, I'm just excited she can ride her big girl bike with training wheels!

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