Saturday, August 28, 2010

Harvest Thyme Festival - Day 1

We got up before the sun, loaded Keree into the car still in her pajamas and started the hour drive to finish set-up. Amazingly, even though it seemed to take us forever to set-up, in reality it was only about 2 hours. After set up was finished, my Mom went to get Keree changed into her clothes. This is when I win Bad Mother of the Year, my Daughter who has worn a brace since she was 13 months old, the same Brace that is always the first thing I pack....well I didn't pack it. So that meant, my Daughter couldn't walk around, that meant she had to be carried everywhere. She was so upset that I forgot to pack her brace and I felt so awful because there was nothing I could do about it. Then the real fun began....we were really worried when for the first 2 hours there was no one visiting our tent. We finally had one customer and I kept thinking postive thoughts. Since it was so slow, I grabbed the backpack put Keree inside and I walked the almost 4 miles around the park to visit all the different stands. I was doing well until we hit two huge hills, the climb up wasn't too bad but I thought I was going to die going down the hill. All the while, Keree was laughing and pointing things out and I was trying my best to not pass out. Keree had spotted the giant blow-ups and my Mom told her that she could go on them. They were suppose to have "Free" activites for the kids, so we assumed that the blow-ups were probably free. That whole weekend, we never saw any of those free activites because it turned out that the bounce house cost, $5 for 8 minutes. I told Keree that they cost lots of money, she was disappointed but it was short lived when I suggested we get a snowcone instead. So while I walked back to our stand, I would hold the spoon over my shoulder to feed her the snowcone. When we got back, Keree decided she needed to just chill. She watched several movies and drew in her notebook. Occassionally, she would want to come out of her area but she was content to stay there. Surprinsgly, we had lots of Customers and being that this is only the 2nd year for this show, we were pleasntly surprised by how well we did. When 5pm rolled around, we dismantled everything so it would fit back in our tent for tomorrow. Being that we were all exhausted, we ended up picking up dinner. When we got home, we sat on my Mom's bed and ate dinner. My Mom and Keree fell asleep before the news but I fought sleep so I could watch the news. Another early and long day tomorrow.

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