Friday, August 27, 2010

Orthopedic Clinic, Set-up & Cheer

Our morning started out with our 1st trip to the Orthopedic Clinic at the Children's hospital. It was a little strange because all check-in's are handled in one giant waiting room. So we were sitting there with all the sick kiddos, well kiddos, those there for specialists (like us), and those there for surgery. It took them over 40 minutes (we got there 1/2 hr early) before they even registered us, took our insurance card and put a bracelet on Keree. Once she had the bracelet, we were then told to sit down and wait for our name to be called. Well that took another 20 minutes, which was over 30 minutes after our appointment time. We then meet for a short time with the nurse, who took some intake info and then we waited again. Keree was then seen by the Intern, can't remember his name but he was great with her. After a thousand and one questions, he then sent us for x-rays. Keree has always had x-rays where she had to stand up, so she was a little panicked when they laid her down on the table. But she stayed pretty calm, until the x-ray pulled out the little piece of tape to mark the spot on the board. She started to freak out thinking he was putting it on her. After the X-ray Tech and I convinced her that the tape wasn't going to touch her, she calmed down again. When the X-ray's were done, they sent us back to our room. We were almost there, when the Intern sent us back down for a few more X-ray's. The X-ray Tech's were a little confused but they were sweet about it. Once we got back to our room, we waited about 20 minutes and then the Main Doctor and another Intern came in. When the Doctor started talking to us, it truly cemented the fact we made the right decision in going there and I really wish I had decided this much sooner. I was surprised by quite a few facts he shared with us regarding the leg length difference Keree has. He also discussed that more than likely the strange popping we keep hearing on Keree's good leg is not damage she is doing by over compensating but she more than likely has a meniscus deformity, which since she is not experiencing constant pain they don't want to do anything just yet. Which I'm just glad to have an answer and not feel like our observations mean nothing. They also ordered her to continue physical therapy until our next appointment in 6 months. So, I have decided to make a request to move Keree to the Hospital PT's office that is closer to our house for continued treatment. Now when we left the Clinic, we were starving, I'm super excited that not even 2 blocks away is the last remaining Del Taco in the area. I have a love affair with Del Taco for some reason. So after grabbing some lunch, we were back on the road. Since we passed by our house on the way to Set-up, we stopped and changed into some shorts because it had gotten so freakin' hot. It was over an hour drive to where our show was this weekend. When we got there, it took awhile to figure out where our spot was but it was a great spot opposed to some of the other ones we saw. Keree sat in her chair, while we set-up the tent, placed the grids and assembled the racks. We could have assembled our items on the racks but there was another Vendor sitting there watching our every move. Which honestly creeped us out, so we choose to keep our items boxed and then really secured our tent. Our finally stop for the day was an hour drive back to town for Keree's cheerleading practice. The Coach really seems to have a bad attitude or it's the vibe and way she handles the whole practice and girls. What also ticks me off, is she will correct another girl who is maybe doing the move wrong but she doesn't help Keree. The other thing that annoyed me during this practice, was instead of telling Keree to scoot over, she actually would pick her up and move her. I'm sorry, my daughter is old enough that all you have to do is tell her where to stand and she will move to that spot. When we got home, it was more packing. My Mom and Keree went to bed early but I still had a couple more hundred things to do before I can get to bed.

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