Saturday, August 7, 2010

4 years ago - Meeting my Daughter

Four years ago, I got up super early. We went to eat breakfast on the top floor of the hotel, opting for Bread and Jam and then we waited. As the minutes ticked by, I didn't think the Facilitator was every going to get there, I actually think it was one of the only times she wasn't late. She grabbed a taxi and we climbed in the back seat. As we drove, she tried to make small talk, but honestly my stomach was in knots. I literally thought I was going to puke. My Mom talked mostly with her while I tried to memorize everything we passed. We passed by grocery stores, schools, a whole street filled with toys and baby stuff. As we got further away from downtown, the streets weren't as well maintained. They had huge potholes, I mean the size of a 15 passenger van hole. Then we pulled into an alley and we were at the entrance of where my daughter had spent the majority of her first 5 months and 10 days of her life. The Facilitator said a few things to the Guard and I uneasily smiled. We walked past all the Motoscooter the Nannies and Teacher drove and then we were in the main Courtyard. There was a small playground slide in the middle of it and a flight of stairs next to it. We climbed the flight of stairs and about half way up, I looked at my Mom behind me and said are you tapping this? We then removed our shoes and entered the Baby room. The Facilitator said a few things in Vietnamese to the Nannies that I didn't understand but I did understand my daughter's name, Ngoc. Suddenly, there was a Nanny walking my way, with this itty bitty almost newborn size baby. She had her flipped with her head down, so I couldn't see anything except her body. I kept thinking in my head, there has to be a mistake, there is no way that this is my daughter, they must have not understood the Facilitator correctly. I was really starting to panic. Then about 3 feet from me, the Nanny flipped the baby around and there was that face, the face that had been staring back at me in those pictures. Yep, that was my daughter. Suddenly they placed her in my arms and then within a minute they gave me her bottle to feed her. Now the funny thing was, was my Mom had gotten so caught up in the moment, she didn't tape any of it, she didn't even take a picture until a good 30 seconds after she was placed in my arms. We got to visit with her for a good 2 hours, she was so very sick, running a 104 fever and she didn't move her entire right side. I thought she had a mini baby stroke. We inquired about a few scars she had but they wouldn't answer, even though I know they understood. We went back to the hotel that day and all I wanted to do was get her out of there as soon as I could.
This morning, we layed around in bed until almost 9am. When we finally did get up, I told Keree why today was so important. We looked at some of the pictures and videos we had taken from that day. Once we were dressed, Keree insisted that we all have our hair fixed the same. So she got to wear a clippie to hold her ponytail up just like my Mom and I. She was so excited that we all matched. We headed to a Church Rummage sale a few towns over. This was another rummage sale that only had items and no clothes. Now I couldn't believe how many books they had. Now there prices were super steep, 25 cents for a soft cover and 50 cents for hard cover. By the time I was done, I ended up having over $15 worth of books. Luckily, when I got to the check-out, she goes I don't want to count these all, so how about $2. WhooHoo!! Keree and I walked through the toy section, most of the stuff was tore up and junk, but we did find a brand new Jumbling Tower (sort of like Jenga) for 50 cents and brand new Guess How Much I Love You game. Now Keree came across a sit and spin, she didn't know what it was at first, so I showed her how it worked. For a child, who has major movement sensory problems, she happily hopped on and started spinning. I was shocked and she exclaimed "it's just like the tea cups at Disneyland". We've never been to Disney but she's seen it from other people's pictures. She couldn't wait to show my Mom and my Mom was just as shocked as I was that she was spinning. Keree is usually allowed 25 cents to spend but we made an exception. Keree paid $1 for her Sit and Spin. My Mom's great finds were two Ikea leaves, they are so awesome and she paid $1 a piece. My Mom's other find was a brand new "K" purse for Keree, she paid $1 for it. When we got home, we played outside and went through the books we got. Once it started getting hot, we headed inside. Keree laid down for a nap, while I made Crock-pot Spinach Lasagna. Well I ended up being out of lasagna noodles, so I threw in some penne instead. I also added some zucchini to it. It was so good. The rest of our evening was spent working on Keree's stage backdrop for the Talent Show.

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