Friday, August 6, 2010

Errands, Veggies & Bugs

When we got up this morning, it was another day of errands. Our first stop was Wallymart, to take back some shirts that didn't fit, pick up a few groceries (there generic is so much cheaper than the grocery stores) and to send off the house payment. We were excited because they had the How to Train your Dragon sticker book, so Keree got that. My Brother has been buying her the sticker packs and he just kept hoping eventually we would come across one. I love the books because they make me so nostalgic because I had similar ones when I was little. And anytime I was good at the grocery store, I would get a pack of stickers as a treat. Our next stop was to pick up Keree's cheerleading uniform. Hmm, let me just say, they didn't let it out the 1 inch on each side we told them, so it was still tight. I was not happy and honestly my frustration with this place was boiling over. Arguing with them and trying to get it corrected wasn't going to happen, even with talking with the owners they could care less. So instead, I guess we will make the corrections. Our next stop was the local Sports store, where we had to pick up Keree's cheer bloomers and socks. We got there about 15 minutes before the store opened at 11a. So Keree and Mom walked up and down Main street. Keree was so funny peeking into all the store windows. Well the Store Owner showed up about 15 minutes after 11a. I was a little on the frustrated side but he is very helpful. Turns out the Bloomers, Keree needed for her Uniform only come in a size 7-8 and the socks only come in a size 12-4 1/2. Needless to say both items are beyond huge on her but a little sewing and trimming, we will get them to fit. When we got home, Keree got to play outside and blow bubbles. Once we headed in, she laid down right away and ended up sleeping close to 3 hours. In the evening, we headed outside. We decided since we were weeding, that we would just pick our vegetables a day early. Our pick was a little beyond sad, just a handful of Cherry tomatoes, 17 to be exact. We found a cicada shell, so Keree and I examined it. We looked at it's legs, where it's eyes would have been and Keree even got brave enough to touch it. She was surprised that the shell felt so hard but his nose area was really soft and hairy. We also got to watch a grasshopper who sat there forever on our cucumber plant. It was amazing and both Keree and I swear that he was looking right at us at times. We were amazed to see how he would move his head and tilt it just a little bit. When the mosquitoes started biting, we headed inside and actually headed to be early.

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