Friday, August 13, 2010

County Fair Day 4

Well after much hunting this morning, Bob & Dorothy finally have a new home. I couldn't believe how hard it was to find a reasonable priced fish tank. We went to 3 stores and all they had were these expensive $40 kits. Since we don't know how long Bob & Dorothy were going to live, we didn't want to make that kind of investment (our kit was under $9). So we spent this afternoon moving them into their new home and giving them a little food. Keree was so excited to see them swim around and they seem to be so much happier not living in plastic bags. We then headed out for our 4th day at the County Fair. When the fair started, my Mom and Keree went to watch the Dress your Chicken contest. My Mom said that Keree loved the chickens and especially loved the Chicken dressed like a Bride. She said that the winner was a Chicken who sat in a salad bowl filled with lettuce and tomatoes. Hence, Chicken salad, I have to say it was adorable and they said the chicken was so good and just sat there. Keere was also excited because she got to pet a Chicken. Most of the people who were entered into the contest keep Chickens as their household pets and they are really tame. Once Keree got back, she told me all about the chicken and went on and on about the Chicken who was getting married. Later in the evening, Keree and I got to walk around the fair. Keree had ate earlier with my Mom but I was starving, so we were trying to find something reasonable to eat. We decided while we were out there to play a few games, first up was the duck pond, she won a Pink Princess crown and then our next stop was skee ball. We didn't win anything there, we were 1,000 points away from winning (one more ball and we would have had the prize). More than anything, it was fun. After much searching for a sandwich, it turned out the cheapest way to go was to get a Gyro. Keree and I then headed inside, we walked around looking at the other booths and eating our sandwich. My Mom had a customer at the booth, so we spent a good 45 minutes walking around looking. Finally, after I realized it was the same Customer, who wasn't buying anything and had her stroller, little girl and herself taking up the entire floor of our booth because she was sitting down. I was tired, so I butted my way back into our booth. My Mom spent over 1 1/2 hours with this lady and all she bought was a $3 bow. My Mom said she kept asking questions, trying to figure out how things were made. My Mom was trying to be nice but I thought it was funny that the lady high tailed it out of there when I came back. I told my Mom I pretty sure she was was trying to steal. She sat there with her stroller basket right next to her, she was waiting for the moment for my Mom to stop looking so she could just throw them underneath the basket. She knew with my Mom, Keree and I there, she wasn't going to be able to pull off the heist. Keree spent the rest of the evening watching a movie on the portable DVD player until it was time to head home for the night.

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