Thursday, August 12, 2010

School Physical & County Fair Day 3

This afternoon, Keere had her school physical. She needed one for the homeschool coop and was also required to have a blood draw and a TB test ran. Keree was so funny and articulate with the Nurses and Doctors. She now weighs a whooping 23 lbs and is 33 1/2" tall. I knew she was going to have to have one shot and of course the blood draw. So, we had talked to Keree ahead of time what was going to happen. When they came back in, they said since she's starting school, she also needed 4 other shots. WTH! I go but she's not starting Kindergarten, she's not really starting school and I know that she was actually ahead of schedule by 1 shot. Finally, I just decided to admit defeat and let her get the shots. I had a feeling that Keree would freak a little with just the TB test, so why not get the other 4 taken care of, so she doesn't have to go through it next year...or at least as many. Well, the Nurse finally came in for the shots, the minute they insisted that Keree lay back on the table, she freaked. I watched her regress back to the days of all the hospital tests, needle pricks and fear of Doctors (between 1-2 yrs old). Of course, since I was the one holding her down (literally laying on top of her, so she wouldn't move), I became the bad guy just like back then. She wanted nothing to do with me and I'm lucky my Mom was there with me to comfort her. Then we went for the blood draw. I have to say I had a firm grasp on Keree, I know her strength and I know when it comes to things like this that she has super strength. I was holding her body, face and shoulder as tightly as I could. The one Nurse was suppose to be holding her arm still and then there was the Nurse taking the blood. Of course, the Nurse who was suppose to be holding her arm, let it slip, thus the vein moved and the whole thing was a bust. We have to go back on Monday to try again and have the TB test read. The Nurse who was suppose to be holding her arm, then tried to put a band-aid on her arm. Of course, Keree began to freak out again, screaming "Please no band-aid" and then followed by a terrified blood-curdling scream. I told the Nurse several times, she hates band-aids, can't you just wrap her arm. Thank goodness the Nurse who was taking the blood got it and so she wrapped Keree's arm. My daughter hates band-aids, she's not like normal kids who think of them as stickers or that loves to put them on every little boo-boo real or pretend that they have. Finally after 2 hours of torture, I mean Doctor's appointment, we were finished. Within 5 minutes of being in the car, Keree was fast asleep. We headed to our 3rd day at the County Fair. We got there a little early, so we grabbed some lunch and sat in the car and ate and Keree continued to sleep. We were able to get in at 5p to set-up/replenish, basically by then it was just nice to sit inside in the air conditioning. Keree and my Mom left then around 6pm for Keree's 1st cheerleading practice. The got there in plenty of time but there was no one there. There was no Coach, no other Girls, nothing. Turns out the Coach sent out an email that it was canceled. Which would have been fine if we were home and had gotten the email. I'm not happy about this because honestly when you are going to Cancel something less than 4 hrs before, you need to call people. So we ended up wasting time, gas and money. They ended up getting back shortly before 715p. They were having a tractor pull contest that was suppose to start at 730p, well when Keree and my Mom arrived. They were handing out the rewards already. Keree was disappointed but they did let her take a ride on one of the Tractors. They also walked around and looked at the livestock. Keree said her favorite animal was the sheep. We had promised Keree earlier in the week that she could get some Cotton Candy. We didn't know what day we were going to do it and since everything Keree went through today and then having Cheerleading be canceled. We decided tonight was a good night. Keree was beyond excited, she was jumping up and down with excitement. She only got to eat a handful and saved the rest of it for tomorrow. We headed home once the Exposition building where we are set-up was closed and Keree stayed awake till we got home. Keree had to check on Bob & Dorothy and tell them good-night before she headed to bed.

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