Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Errands & Ballgame

Most of the morning and afternoon was spent running errands. YUCK! We ran by the alterations place for Keree's Cheerleading uniform. They weren't even going to let us try it on again to see how it fit her. After some arguing they let us and thank goodness they did because the shell (aka top) was to tight. I barely could get it on her and I about ripped her head off trying to get it off of her. When we brought it in and they measured it, we even asked them to move the pins further out so she would have some room to grow into it. Then when I point out that they made it way too tight, they get an attitude with me. I was not a happy camper. Of course after our other stops, our day wouldn't be complete with out running to a fabric store. Now I wasn't feeling well and had an awful headache, so I wasn't in the mood for a day of errands at all. We really did need to go to the fabric store because we were searching for specific fabric for an order. Luckily we found it but we had to wait a good 20 minutes just to get to the cutting table. The place was beyond packed, seriously it's a Wednesday, so what gives? We finally got done and Keree laid down for a nap. In the mean time, I had 2 messages to return, one from the Homeschool School. I swear they are use to dealing with stupid people or something. In the message she left, she was talking really slow, like I wouldn't understand the words or something. Basically the gist of the message was Keree needs a physical dated with in the last 6 mos (which her's is 7 mos old), a TB test and a Hemoglobin test. Seriously, your asking me to call her Doctor in August, when there are hundreds of other parents trying to get a physical done at the last moment and if you don't have it by the end of the month, she doesn't get her spot. WTH!!!! I told my Mom, that this is getting to be a bigger hassle than it's really worth at this point. Amazingly, I called the Doctor's office and they just had a cancellation and I got her in next week.
My Mom and Keree had tickets to tonight's ball game. We tried our best to get one for me, but didn't have any luck. So I got there bagged pack, since it was autograph night, made sure the camera had fresh batteries and sent them on there way. It felt a little strange since my Mom has never taken Keree to the City by herself. I on the other hand, ended up getting physically ill, I have a feeling it's touch of whatever Keree has had. I'm sitting here super miserable with my stomach muscles hurting. I did get most of Keree's talent show costume done tonight. Last year when she competed, she lost points because her outfit wasn't flashy enough, so this year I've added tons of bling to it.
My Mom's report from tonight was Keree was an angel but the employees helping with the Autographs got super grabby. They messed up our baseballs we were getting signed and so the wrong guy signed the wrong ball. If the worker would have kept her hands off the item (like they do every other time), then this wouldn't have happened. Needless to say, my Mom wasn't a happy camper when she got home.

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