Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday!

6 years ago at 1:15am you were born into this world.
As I have done every year since your 1st Birthday, this picture was taken at 1:15am.
Happy Birthday Baby Girl.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Are you a Chinese girl?

Keree is still in her wheelchair for the majority of her school day. She has transitioned to being able to sit at her own table during class but any other time, she's in the wheelchair. So, while Keree was at recess today, a little boy came over to her. He was kinda hiding his face and being the caring person she is, she asked him what was the matter. He said nothing, he was just cold (it was 22 out there today). She said suddenly he asked her "Are you some kind of Chinese girl?" Keere said she didn't know how to answer and suddenly he goes "Well those Chinese girls have eyes like yours." Keere said she rolled her eyes around, pretending to be looking around at her face. The Little Boy goes, "You don't even know what you look like." He got mad because she didn't respond to his question and then stormed off.
While Keree was telling me this, when she got finished I go, that was really silly for him to say because your not Chinese are you. She knew what he said wasn't right but didn't know what her response was suppose to be. She goes, so next time I can go, "nope I'm Vietnamese and have my own eyes."
Otherwise this weekend is one of her Birthday parties. Yep, she's one lucky kid and is getting two parties this year. The party tomorrow is for her classmates and a few kiddos from our adoption group. The other party she is having is for family and super close friends. I went all out for her Family & Super Close Friends party, personalized bubbles, candy wrappers, etc. The party tomorrow will have a few special touches but far from what I would usually do. Honestly, I've been so frustrated with Keree's school and also with our adoption group, that I didn't want to do those special things for them. I mean there are a few good kids (thank goodness) but alot of them are just mean to her because of her wheelchair. Just hoping that tomorrow goes off as planned and that she has a wonderful time.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

An Ordinary Day or was it?

As Keree tells it, today started off as just an ordinary day and then suddenly it became amazing! Since Keree's still in her wheelchair, the school hasn't been that cooperative. She doesn't have an aid to help her and no bus to drop/pick her up. So we drop and pick her up everyday from school, take her to her class, then there is a few older students that help her at lunch. I was stuck on a business call so my Mom was the one to get her from her class. My Mom said the first thing out of her mouth was "I've got exciting news to tell you!" Then Keree told her that she was the Character Award winner for February. My Mom told her how proud she was of her and of course the Teacher was actually surprised by my Mom's reaction. Sorry but I agree, this is a big deal, it's basically Student of the Month. Of course, the same scene replayed itself when Keree got to me. She won her Character Award for Honesty. Which makes me so happy that the Teachers and School realize that she is special. Because honestly, with all the school she missed with her surgery, they've treated her not that great. They scoff at me when I tell them she can read or add/subtract because from what I've heard & saw most of the kids there didn't even know their ABC's or 1-10 when they started school. So even though we really didn't have the
extra money, we decided we needed to celebrate anyway. Since Keree doesn't get to go to Chuck-e's but maybe once a year, we decided that was where we were going. So we played crazy games and ate greasy pizza. By the time we got home, it was almost bed time. After Keree got her pajamas on, she snuggled up next to me and goes, "I think this is one of the best days of my life." I kissed her on her head and told her that everyday with her is the best day of my life.