Thursday, August 5, 2010

4 years ago and Lesson 28

Four years ago today, I had just touched down in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam. I still couldn't believe I was actually there and then I was worried sick that Keree's adoption wasn't going to happen. We had been through so much leading up to this point. Keree was my third referral, this was my umptenth time changing my flight plans and when we arrived there, there was no one there to meet us. I was scared but oh so excited to be in my daughter's homeland and I couldn't wait to meet her. I've decided to repost on another blog our entire journey and most pictures while we were there, so please follow along at

This morning and afternoon, Keree spent time finishing up and starting a few of the entries into the County Fair. I spent my time mounting them and putting hanger wire onto them, both requirements of entry. I'm excited to see how she does with her entries. I wasn't feeling too hot, so I laid down with Keree for her nap. I actually think I slept longer than she did but she was good enough just to lay quietly next to me. For dinner, I felt like Mexican food, for some reason if I'm sick, I actually can keep down Mexican. Weird, I know. So, I made cheese enchiladas and topped them with black olives. MMmmmm, Keree loved them so much, she ate a whole big enchilada by herself. In the evening, Keree's cheerleading team was having a meet and greet. She told us to meet at the Press box at 6pm. We were there 10 minutes ahead of time and there was only one other Mom waiting. Well we waited, waited and waited. It was now 20 minutes after 6. Both of us were getting ticked off and neither one of us had the Coaches phone number. So she finally called her Husband to get the number. I guess, he ended up calling the Coach instead because shortly later, she called. She was no where even close to the Press box, she was in the back parking lot almost a mile away from where we were. Needless to say by the time we found her, we were both beyond ticked off. On top of it all, it honestly was a waste of time. She had no practices set-up and doesn't have the game schedule. The only thing she did do was go over the rules, which we've gotten and read copies now a good one hundred times. The other thing she did was complain because she's got a job and she's a Single Mom. Ok, I'm a Single Mom too and I own a business, so hearing her complain isn't going to fly with me! It was just super annoying to drag us out into 128 degree weather, stand on black asphalt for no more knowledge than we've gotten by email. Well and the only other comments I got was when the other Mom's asked where my daughter was who was on the cheer team. Needless to say, Keree is standing right next to me. So I go, Keree is the one cheerleading. The next thing I would hear is huge Gasps and then "but she's too young and little to cheer." Keree then would just stare them down. I on the other hand spent my time defending her. Which consisted of "Keree is not to young, she's 4 1/2 and she maybe small but she's probably got more spirit and heart than your daughter." Ok, so that wasn't nice at all but seriously, your picking on my daughter. This is going to be an interesting season! On the way home, we stopped and got an ice cream blast. They were only 99 cents because the Card hit a home run last night. So we enjoyed the rest of our night watching Wipeout, working on our school lessons (we covered lesson 28) and eating ice cream.

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