Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Blog Header

I decided I really wasn't a fan of my lastest header, so I made up a new one. Placing this one here so I'll always have it. This was our blog header from March 28, 2012 till today.

Monday, May 28, 2012

2 Years Ago....

today my Dad passed away. Honestly, I think I'm probably the only one who remembered him today. I mean I was around my Bro for the most of yesterday and he didn't say anything. This year has hard, there have been moments when I really needed his advice, there were times when he needed to be the one to fight the battle  with his family and most of all, he really needed to be here to see Keree grow. He would have been so proud of her. I really hate that there physical relationship was 9 months together, for 9 months she got to feel the love of her Grandpa. I have asked my Step-Mom if she would bury my Dad (he was cremated) and get him a headstone. She won't talk to me or return my phone calls. Keree doesn't understand why we can't go visit his grave site. I tell her that I don't remember where it is because honestly I don't want to have the in-depth conversation with her on cremation. And then tell her, that my Dad, her Grandpa is in a box in my Step-Mom's basement. So Dad, I remember you today, on Memorial day and really wish your time here on Earth wasn't so short. I miss you alot!

Otherwise, my Brother was in this weekend picking up more of his stuff. Of course, he had to come in while we are in the middle of a heat wave. Seriously, I really wish he could have waited maybe 3-4 days when we will be back in the low 70's. I still can't believe in a few short weeks he'll be moving to Michigan. Before he left we played with Keree's bow and arrow. We had to be quite the site with Raggedy Ann set up as our target. We all got a little teary-eyed at the end when we realized it would probably be the last time, we all would play together at this house in this yard. I know we are all ready for some new adventures, it's just a little sad when you think this was the house, I brought Keree home too. My Grandparents also came in, so we meet them for dinner tonight. They wanted to treat Keree out to McD's so she could get a Happy Meal. We enjoyed a nice dinner together, even if it was McD's before we headed back to their hotel room. My Grandma's Big Sister, Aunt Bonnie and Hubby, Uncle Bill came to visit them before they head back home tomorrow. We actually had a nice time visiting with all of them and didn't get home till almost 11p.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

1st Day of Summer Break

Well as Keree would tell it, today was her first day as a 1st grader. So to celebrate the first day of summer break, Keree and my Mom fixed orange cinnamon rolls. I can't believe that this was the first time we had made them since Keree came home and she's 6 now. My Mom use to make them at least once a month when my Brother and I was growing up. It was such a treat to have them on a Sunday morning, to wake up to that ooey-gooey smell. After breakfast, we headed into town to meet up with Keree's homeschool pre-school teacher from last year. At the end of last year, before we had our last meeting, Ms. Jen had her baby. So, we have been trying literally for a year to get our schedule together and see each other. We sat and talked together for almost 3 hours. We talked about the struggles Keree went through this year, about how advanced she was over the other kids and how I'm seriously going to withdraw her from public school. I know people think I'm nuts when I say this as a Single Mom, that I want to homeschool my daughter but with the kindergarten year from hell, where she literally learned nothing in the public school system and basically would have wasted a year of education if I hadn't been teaching her when she came home from school. Ok, ok, so I'm totally off topic and seriously that could be a whole series of posts. So after our visit, we headed home. We spent today as a down day, we watched some cartoons, we love Wild Kratts, we worked some math problems, almost finished a entire workbook just today, and played outside for a short time before the skeeters started biting. Once inside for the night, we mellowed out and talked about what we wanted to do this summer.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Last Friday of Kindergarten

Today was Keree's last Friday of Kindergarten. She officially has 1 day and 2 hrs left of school before she's a 1st grader. Today Keree also got her yearbook that I ordered back in November. She had no idea what a yearbook was until we started showing her everyone's pictures inside. I think we looked through the book two or three times trying to find everyone we know. I know for some reason it's uncool to get a yearbook in these day and ages...or at least around here it is! But I remember my yearbooks from when I was a kid and really wanted Keree to have those same memories. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ice Cream Dinner Party!

Today was my Great Ice Cream for Dinner plan and I'm pretty sure it worked. So after picking Keree up from school, we headed to the store to get all the ingredients we needed for our Ice Cream Dinner Party. Luckily, one of the grocery discount stores was having a sale on ice cream & ice cream makings because in planning all this, I knew I had only sixteen dollars to spend and put on this elaborate party for Keree. I guess, honestly, I should have planned it for once I got paid on the 4th but when your child is upset, you'll do anything and everything to make it better. On our drive to the Grocery store, Keree goes "are we really going to have ice cream for dinner??" and I respond back "yes, I swear, we are really going to have ice cream for dinner!" She was quiet for a short time, when suddenly she goes, "can we have a snack?" My response was, "no, are you crazy, your already getting ice cream for dinner!" And my daughter, in her amazing wisdom, goes "No, Mom, I think we should have bratwursts for our snack." I had to laugh, most other kids out there would jump at the chance to have ice cream for dinner but not my daughter, she knew she needed something more than just ice cream. So, at the store, we picked up all the fixings for our Ice Cream dinner party. We picked up ice cream, waffle bowls, cherries, bananas chocolate sauce, caramel sauce and of course bratwursts. Amazingly, for everything we got, we only spent $11.23. Once home, we ate our snack of bratwursts and corn. Then when it got dinner time, we made our ice cream creations. Keree just giggled as we assembled them, everytime we added an ingredient she would giggle harder and harder. As we sat there and ate our ice cream creations, Keree looked over at me and goes "Mom, this is one of the best days of my life." At first, all I could do was smile at her but then I go this is so much better than a golden ticket popsicle party isn't it. She grinned and shook her head yes.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Stupid Golden Ticket Popsicles

When Keree got home from school today she was just upset. Basically, at her school, they have a Golden ticket system. The way it's suppose to work is if the child is good, they get a ticket. Well in her classroom, that's not how it works. They award the ticket when a child who is constantly bad is good for even a short time. Keree has gotten a few golden tickets but never from her Teacher, they are usually from the Assistant School Principal and Music Teacher. Well today was the very last time to have her Golden Ticket picked for a popsicle party. Of course, the Worst Behaved, Awful Boy in her class, well his ticket was drawn out of the bucket. So, she was upset.  She wanted to go to the popsicle party, she wanted to be recognized as a kid who has never pulled a behavior card, she wanted to have popsicles with the Principal. So in a desperate attempt to make my daughter realize that she doesn't need some stupid popsicle party. I devised that tomorrow we will have an Ice Cream party for dinner. Keree's face lite-up like a Christmas tree, she was so excited. She rushed to tell my Mom who was less than thrilled but once I took her aside and explained what happened she was on board. I may not be able to fix everything (especially all the issues I have with that school) but I can sometimes give my Daughter, Ice Cream for dinner.