Sunday, August 29, 2010

Havest Thyme Festival - Day 2

We got up bright and early, drove the hour to the Festival, got all set-up and then waited for the customers to arrive. Well it seems, they failed to mention to all the vendors that they had moved the start time from 9am to 11am. So for 2 hours, we sat around, talked and visited with the other vendors. When 11am rolled around, my Mom and Keree went for a walk, while I manned the booth. I couldn't believe it, that every time my Mom and Keree would leave, I would be slammed with customers. We tried out the theory over and over and it happened without fail. Luckily, the playground was nearby, so my Mom and Keree went there and also just walked slowly around to advertise. You wouldn't believe how many people mentioned seeing Keree walking around. Honestly, you couldn't have missed my little girl in her tutu and fairy halo. By the time the festival was over, I was exhausted and just couldn't imagine packing everything up. Amazingly, as slowly as I was moving, it only took us 2 hrs to pack and get on the road. When we got home, we were all ready for bed. I couldn't believe how dirty everything was, just by moving our clothes, there were clouds of dust. I think my feet told the whole story, I couldn't believe how dirty they were. By the time we were all cleaned up and climbed into bed, we looked at the clock and couldn't believe that it was barely 830p. While we were watching television and relaxing, Keree started complaining and itching. When we looked at her leg, we were shocked to find what appeared to be a swelled line on her skin. We thought it was some type of bite even though it looked like a worm crawled under her skin. We smoothered her leg with bug medicine and hoped it will clear it up. Our only thought on how this happened is, we think a bug got stuck between her leg and brace and that's why it was such a straight line.

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