Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Boiling Tuesday

Today was another blood boiling day but I will get to that later. Keree didn't want to get up this morning because she claimed it was too cold outside (it was in the low 70's). But when we went to pick out clothes, she choose a spaghetti strap dress...silly girl. When I dropped Keree off at school, I told the Main Teacher she wasn't going to be in class on Friday because we are meeting with a new Ortho Doc. The Main Teacher was like well we will miss her that day, she's such a joy in class. WTH! You just tell me on the 2nd day of class she's a Bully and Difficult and today she's a joy. She then handed me a sheet, it said that they are moving the classes start time to 815a because of all the congestion in the parking lot...I had to wait to get outside to laugh hysterically at the note. Seriously, you just realize on Day 4 of school that having 15 classes all starting at 830a is a bad idea. When I came to pick Keree up, the summary said that the strung beads to make necklaces (Keree didn't do it), learned a few new songs and watched a movie on the 1st day of school. Also the Main Teacher is having a baby girl. When I read the description, I was like seriously what did they learn today. Luckily Keree made a picture of her Uncle and her. She wrote her Uncle's name almost correctly (she switched a vowel), wrote I love you and wrote her name. So at least I know she's trying to sound out words by herself during class. We didn't stick around after class because Keree had PT.
We ran 2 minutes late because we had to stop and drop my Mom off at an appointment. Since Keree is being seen by the new Ortho on Friday, I had to cancel her PT that day, I then asked for all her appointments to be moved up 15 minutes since she's getting out of school 15 minutes early. I was going to schedule a few other appointment but I had to get approval from her Main PT. So when I headed back, Keree was already being stretched. So I started talking to her Main PT about scheduling more appointments. That is when she goes, well I really don't think I will have to see her anymore, I mean the main thing that she needs done is stretched and I can teach you how to do it. Plus I don't think she'll get any stronger, so there's really no point. Ok, this is the same PT who said that the special stretches she does manipulates her muscles and can only be learned going to school for years. So, your going to teach me, what, in an hour session how to do these. Plus she's not going to get any stronger, so your giving up on her. I have watched my child and yes, I have pushed my child and I have never told her she couldn't do something...that is why she is doing as well as she is doing and you want me to sit back and accept she's not going to get any stronger. NO!! I will not accept that answer. I know she will never be able to do everything a non-disabled child can do but I do know that we have a chance to give her a better quality of life. And I'm not going to accept the "well that's as good as she will ever do something" attitude. Plus we were told with the Polio her muscles will become stiff and rigid, if she is not regularly stretched by a professional. When I went to pick my Mom up, I told her what was said. I was livid about all this, my blood was boiling and I just wanted to hit someone or something. I hate this and it hurts so badly that it seems like everyone is giving up on my daughter, first the Hospital and now PT. I'm praying that this new Ortho Doc is the answer to my prayers at this point.

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