Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Day of Pre-School

Keree was excited to get up this morning, because she knew it was her 1st day of school. She picked Berry Crunch cereal for breakfast and happily ate it quickly (which is rare since she's a slow eater). Keree was also excited because she got to wear her new sparkly shoes. We left 15 minutes earlier because we weren't sure how traffic would be. We also had two different start times for her classroom on our paperwork. So we weren't sure if her class started at 815a or 830a. We arrived a few minutes before 815a, we snapped a few pictures outside and then one in front of her class door. Keree was excited to see a few of her friends from last year's class waiting in the hallway near other classrooms. We walked into Keree's classroom and it was complete chaos! It turns out that her classroom is being used for extended care, so children who have to be dropped off before class starts is in there. Well they left the room a complete disaster and the teacher's were having to clean it up. We also found out that their class start time was changed to 830a, which the main Teacher got really nasty with us for being early. I tried to politely point out to her that all the paperwork she sent home at Open House said class started at 815a. I told her nicely that maybe she should have made sure the changes were made to it before sending it home. I didn't feel bad because there was quite a few other kids and parents coming in at the same time as us. When we picked Keree up, the summary said that they played for most of the time getting use to their new classroom, that they played the cookie jar game which helped them learn their new friends names and that they read the book 1st Day of School. The first thing out of Keree's mouth was they weren't allowed to draw pictures today during free time. I told her that was ok, that she could draw when we got home. Keree was wiped out when we got home, so she ate a quick lunch and then laid down for a nap. Keree slept close to 3 hours and I finally had to wake her up. We spent the evening taking some new pictures to use for our advertising. Keree loves getting to get dressed up in our creations and getting her picture taken. I have to say some of them I took this evening, I'm going to order 5x7's of them to hang up.

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