Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Four Years Ago........

Four Years Ago....I woke up with my heart aching because everyday I had to leave my daughter behind
Three Years Ago.....I woke up with my heart overflowing with love and a stuffed kitty cat being tossed out of the crib at me, followed by "UP"
Two Years Ago.....I woke up to the sweet sounds of "MomMom, I wake up, Kitty Kitty wake up, MomMom, you wake up?"
One Year Ago.....I was awoke before the sun rose to "Mom I need a drink"
Today......I had to wake my sweet daughter up because she was wore out from the late night we had at the show

Four Years Ago....I stood at a window, smiling at the nice women behind it, little did I know she was signing and approving my custody paperwork
Three Years Ago.....I stood in front of a photographer with a big smile having family pictures taken to celebrate the occasion of becoming a family with my daughter
Two Years Ago.....I stood behind the camera trying to capture these sweet pictures of Keere in an outfit given to her by our Cousins MKay, A and B and the stuffed bunny given to her by Great-Great Aunt F and Cousin MLou at our baby shower in 2006
One Year Ago.....I stood in the audience watching my daughter sign God Bless America in the talent show at the County Fair
Today.......I stood and watched my daughter play the Goldfish toss game at the County Fair and saw how excited and proud she was when she won two goldfish

Four Years Ago.....I took a long taxi ride to see my daughter for the last time at the orphanage because she was finally coming home with me
Three Years Ago....I took a long ride in our car with my daughter to celebrate with our friends their new baby
Two Years Ago....We didn't go anywhere because of the high gas prices and instead enjoyed the fun activies we can do right at home
One Year Ago....I watched my daughter ride the Carousel for the very first time and she screamed bloody murder and begged to be let off
Today.......I watched as my daughter rode the Carousel for the second time in her life and loved every minute of it.

Four Years Ago today........My Life Changed Forever
Today.....And I couldn't be Happier

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