Wednesday, August 31, 2011

10th Day of School

Today is the 10th day of school or really Keree's 8th day of school. For Lunch, I packed her favorite soup, chicken corn chowder with lots of crackers and a side of grapes. 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Kindergarten Registration

Today we headed off to our home school to register Keree for kindergarten. Now I know that basically school starts in 6 days but I had a plan. I'm not that fond of our home school, originally we were suppose to attend a different school but they changed the school lines on us. So because of that, I did a ton of research on how to get Keree into the school, I originally planned on her going to. Well come to find out, if all the Kindergarten classrooms are full at the homeschool, she should be able to go to whatever school has an opening. Thus, getting to go to the school I want her to attend. Yet there was only one snag......
Turns out, that also this year they decided to change the rules, verbally. So that means, even though the Kindergarten classrooms are full, Keree is stuck at our home school. To tell you how upset about this, is an understatement. Our other snafu was that because I still have some of Keree's paperwork in Vietnamese. The school started to insist that they had to call Keree by her Vietnamese name. Umm, yeah her COC is in her English name but lets not call her that. I told them she wouldn't answer her Vietnamese name, that she doesn't know that name. They said, too bad! Well this Momma bear was hot! I drove right over to the Superintendent's office and all I had to do was talk to his very sweet secretary and with one phone call, everything was straightened out. Otherwise, we have a giant supply list....I mean seriously do they really need 4 boxes of 24 ct crayons, 40 sticks of glue, 4 bottles of glue and the list goes on. The list is single spaced, 2 columns, 12 pt type and front and partly back of the paper.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Giant Box

Of course we are still in a heat advisory. I gotta say I'm sick and tired of this 100+ degree weather and really hoping that heading North this weekend we will get a small break. Heck, anything under 90 degrees sounds cool right now. We spent our day finishing up Keree's County Fair entries. Tomorrow is the first day to turn in your entries and so far Keree is up to 40 something. Also in the mail was a giant box from Keree's Great-Grandparents. For some reason they think because my Mom and I don't have normal 9-5 jobs that we are poor. Ok, money is tight but heck, isn't most of the world's money tight right now. Inside the box was some new clothes (tshirt, skirts, jeans), hair headbands, two new lunch boxes, a Kai-Lan book (which Keree said her YeYe picked out just for her) and finally some glue and a dish rag for me. I swear they spent just as much to ship the package as they did buying all the goodies. But it made them happy and it made Keree happy, so that's all that mattered. After going through Keree's giant box, we sat outside a short while before we headed back in and got back to work. We spent our evening working and watching Wednesday night tv (Keree's favorite show, The Middle)before heading to bed.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

1st Cheer Practice

I was surprised that even with the heat (it was 113 today). The new Cheer Coach, still wanted to hold practice. Of course, I also did do something a little crazy and volunteered to be Assistant Coach since no other parent stepped-up to do it. I asked her ahead of time what she wanted me to do and she said to just run them to the bathroom, that she was a strong coach and didn't need help. Ok, sounds good to me. Practice went well, two of the girls weren't there but hopefully they will be there on Thursday. They learned quite a few new cheers and worked on their Half-time routine, which honestly isn't as exciting or challenging as last year's. I think what bothered me most was during the entire practice the Coach stared at Keree's brace. I mean, it wasn't like I hide anything on her registration paperwork, it clearly states that Keree wears an AFO, so I'm not sure what the problem was. Also, after turning in my paperwork in for Assistant Coach, she never did ask me for my shirt size. Things that make you say hmm. I'm hopeful that this season will be alot better than last years.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Hot Monday

Today we had another record high day. I'm so sick of this hot weather. I think the news said it was day 32 of 90 degree + weather and of course the heat index makes it over 100 everyday. Keree spent most of her day playing and working on craft projects, while I tried my best to make some head way on everything I have left to get done before this weekend's show. I only took two pictures today and this was the better one, she was talking on the phone to her Great-Great and telling her about her day.