Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lessons 26 & 27

As soon as Keree was in her pajamas last night, she sat down on the bed and out of now where she puked all over the place. So I cleaned her up, changed her pajamas, changed the sheets and then let her lay-down on top of a towel. Within 5 minutes, she was fast asleep. Luckily she didn't get sick the rest of the night but she started coughing and you could hear the stuffiness when she breathed. She woke up this morning, not feeling well still. Actually she felt so bad that she slept in till almost 9am. Which you have to consider unusual for my Early Bird. When we finally got going, Keree didn't want to eat anything. She decided to lay on the couch and watch us do stuff. I did convince her that we should do her reading lessons. We struggled but we got through both Lesson 26 & 27. I finally decided she needed to eat something for dinner. I also knew if I presented her with something she didn't want to eat, she wouldn't touch it. So I started offering her choices we had in the house, no way was her answer. So I asked her what she wanted to eat, her answer apple dippers and caramel sauce from McD's. I caved and she got her apple dippers and caramel. I guess if she didn't eat 3 meals and 3 snacks a day, I wouldn't worry but she had missed 2 meals and 2 snacks. When she finally sat down to eat, she still didn't want to eat. But after some convincing she took a bite and then she seemed like a different kid. She seemed to get her energy back and she said she felt better. She even played up until bedtime. Of course, her playing consisted of dressing her baby doll, Lily up as a chef and pretending she was cooking. Just check out the picture, the bucket was her chef hat, the beads around the waist was her apron, the book was her stove and the fish bones were her cooking calamari. My girl is obsessed with calamari, just wish she didn't have such expensive taste in food..LOL! Someone asked her the other day what was her favorite food was, she replied instantly Shrimp in noodles with garlic. Needless to say, they were a little taken aback by her answer.

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