Monday, August 23, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday & Lesson 35 & 36

Keree got up this morning with no problem but wanted to crawl back under the covers. To get her going and get dressed, she got to pick out how her hair was going to be styled and what bow/clip she was going to get to wear. When we got to school, it was a minute before 830a. I hadn't even noticed that it was a minute before 830a because my clock said it was 834a. Well the Main Teacher was running around still trying to clean the room and she gave me a dirty look when we walked in. What amazes me, is that there was 4 other Moms and Kids that walked in with me. When I left, Keree told me she was going to sit down and draw a picture. When I came to pick Keree up, I was about 5 minutes early. I wanted to observe the class to see what Keree was doing. Keree was sitting on the rug like she was suppose to do with the rest of the kids and singing. Now I did watch 4 other kids get up and wander around the room during rug time and get into the toys. The summary said that they played a new game to learn their friends names, read another book about the first day of school and took a poll on if their Main Teacher was going to have a boy or girl. And that most of the friends said it was a boy but they will find out tomorrow what it's going to be. Keree was so excited to show me her drawing that she did. It is Keree, my Mom and I standing under a rainbow. She also wrote "Mickey Mause" over my Mom's head along with some hearts because she knows my Mom likes Mickey Mouse. I asked Keree if she sounded it out all on her own and she was so proud when she told me she did. When we got to the car, she told my Mom that her Main Teacher had a baby in her belly and that she said she was going to have a boy. I have to say my Mom and I had a few mixed feeling with them discussing this at school. More than anything because usually they don't handle situations correctly, I mean Keree being adopted and only having a Mom was handled very poorly her first year and somewhat into her second year there and it created alot of issues we had to work through with Keree. I can't tell you how many times Keree came home asking about her Dad because the Teacher's kept telling her that she had a Dad and Mom. When I finally confronted the Main Teacher that is when she said "Keree kept telling me that she had a Mom, Grandma and Uncle but I told her she was wrong, that she had a Dad too." I keep thinking with all this aggravation this school is causing me, and it's only the 3rd day of the new school year, why do I keep her there. I guess it's because we love all the other staff and that the Main Teacher is my only issue with the place.

Keree was so looking forward to today's lunch. While she was at school, I ran to the dollar store and got us a new small Muffin tin. I also found some awesome Alphabet Cheese Crackers. Since today was the re-start of Muffin Tin themes, this week's was ABC's. So, I took a piece of bread and smeared crunchy peanut butter on it and cut it into a letter C for our last name. I then made a Hot dog into a Letter K for Keree. Then there is our alphabet cheese crackers. The bottom row there is a Letter A cut out of cheese, some grapes which Keree said were Letter O's and then some pineapple, which Keree said were either Letter I's or L's. I am always amazed at how much Keree eats when I present her lunch in a Muffin tin. She finished everything except her cheese crackers. After lunch, we worked on Lesson's 35 & 36. Lesson 35 introduced the sh sound. I was surprised at how quickly she picked up Sh and didn't even have to sound out most sh words. Lesson 36 of course reviewed sh and all the other sounds we have learned so far. Keree wanted to do another lesson but I told her that was enough and that she needed to take a nap. Once Keree got up from her nap, we spent the rest of the evening playing with her toys and drawing in her notebooks. When she draws, she also tries sounding out words and writing them to corresponds with her pictures. We ended our evening with watching American Pickers before we headed to bed.


  1. I love how she helped figure out the letters. Great tin.

  2. your little one is so adorable!! love the alphabet cheese crackers! so great. those were from the dollar store? may have to stop there!