Thursday, April 28, 2011

Helicopter Seeds

It was a little on the chilly side today. But Keree still had fun playing with all the helicopters that are around our yard. 
 Keree also found an Easter egg that we had missed on Sunday. The Easter Bunny had told us how many he and Ms Easter Bunny had hide, But obviously he got a little careless (like he just tossed them in the middle of the yard and didn't count them, instead of hiding them like Ms Easter Bunny did!)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monday, April 18, 2011

It's Ours....

Today we made the finally payment on our van. So it's officially ours. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dentist Visit

Today Keree had her second only ever Dentist visit, actually it turned out that all they did was clean her teeth and give her a fluoride treatment. I'm surprised at how well Keree did because she was scared to death when we arrived. Now she did drive the Dental Assistant crazy because anything she did, including just moving her arms, Keree asked about a thousand questions. Luckily, the Dental Assistant who did it, did it fast, so Keree was in the chair maybe 10 minutes tops. Here reward, a sticker and a new toothbrush. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Travel Map

It was such a beautiful day outside and Keree loved picking a bouquet of dandelions, while Momma worked hard at.... 

put a map of the USA on Keree's window in the van. That way she can look at while we are on the road. This way she can see where we live and then count how many states to our destination or we can talk about where family lives, etc. I really wish, when I bought this 2 years ago, that I would have purchased more than one because it's gonna get a lot of use.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Rainy Monday

This morning we woke up to a dark, dreary and raining morning. Keree was excited to head to school because she knew it is going to be a short week for her. Plus the upside, they are celebrating the Week of the Young Child. I'm not sure if it's just tri-county wide that they celebrate or if it's national? So last week they sent home a list of activities, today's was to make a classroom banner. When I dropped Keree off at school, I then ended up spending my entire morning running errands. I was in search of some lime green zebra ribbon and every place I went was out. So when I came to pick Keree up the summary outside said that they worked on their classroom banner, which they shaped like a kite, they played outside and worked on their songs for the end of the year program. Keree said that they glued feathers and shapes on to a kite shape. She said that then when they went outside, most of her friends were jumping into the gigantic puddle on the playground. But she was so proud of herself that she followed the rules and didn't jump in the puddle. When we got home, I remembered it was Muffin Tin Monday. So while I worked on the tin, Keree and my Mom stayed outside for a short time. My Mom said that Keree decided to check her mailbox and was disappointed that there was nothing inside. I guess she had gotten use to her Great-Great and YeYe sending her something almost everyday last week. Since I hadn't participated the last few weeks, I really wanted to make Keree one. So using what we had around the house, I was able to pull together a loosely themed Easter tin. So first up is a funky chick, I used a slice of bree cheese and broke a sesame seed breadstick cracker in half for the legs. I then used some edible markers for his eyes and beak. But once those were drawn on, it needed something else, so I colored the cheese in yellow. Next up is a strawberry filled jelly marshmallow. I picked them up a few weeks ago and Keree thinks that they are really good. Next was a pink snowball with a chick and bunny pick added to it. Because I knew Keree doesn't really like them, that meant I got to eat it. Plus being pink, it was just a great, springy color. In the next row is some organic peanut butter with a apple on top. I cut the apple in the shape of a kitty cat and then used some color sugar to emphasize the eyes and mouth. Up next is a Bunny shaped sandwich. Since Keree isn't fond of bread, I found some mini pita pockets last week. I stuffed it with slices of turkey meat. I then cut some cheese ears out and drew a bunny face on the pita. And to round out the tin, Keree is an olive lover and request them at almost every meal. So a tin wouldn't be complete without them. Keree was excited to see the tin. Of course, she mistakened my Bunny sandwich for a cat, which was disappointing but she ate it all, except the snowball of course. As for the rest of the day, it's the final push to finish stuff before we head out in the next few days for a show. I'm a little bummed that Easter fell so late this year because we are missing all the Easter egg hunts this weekend. But there's no way around it because business is business but still I'm sad that we will miss all the fun we do have at them.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Self Portrait

A few weeks ago at pre-school, Keree got to make a self portrait. She had to mix together the right paint color to match her skin color. I also love the fact that Keree has her wisps of hair in front of her eyes. No matter how hard we try it's a losing battle keeping those wisps of hair out of her eyes. 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Emotionally Resting

Today we took the day easy because of how emotional it was yesterday. Keree is standing next to a concrete basket that my Brother and I gave to my Grandma, one Mother's day a long time ago. It was one of the few things that my Uncle let me have. My Mom was thrilled because it matches the one that my Brother and I gave her on that Mother's day, way back when. 

Friday, April 1, 2011


After almost 3 years, my Mom's workmen's comp case was finally settled. It's sad that for what is going to be a lifetime of suffering, pain and disability, she got such a little amount. But honestly, we are just thankful that the case if finally over and we can get on with our lives.