Tuesday, August 10, 2010

County Fair Day 1

We got up and got going quite early. We still had stuff to set-up before the Fair opened today. Keree as always is so well behaved, she helped when we needed helped, watched movies and drew pictures. Keree even laid down for awhile, I was hoping she would fall asleep but she fought it tooth and nail. Which wasn't a good thing considering she was in the Talent show this evening. Finally around 530p, we called it quits for a nap and just hoped for the best. Around 6pm, when the fair opened, they had a Quarter hunt for ages 3-12. I'm thankful they broke it down into age division, so the oldest age group of 12-10 went first, then ages 9-7 and then the youngest group, which it turned out it was only Keree and another Little Girl. Keree found 75 cents and then called it quits. As soon as we were done, we hurried inside and changed Keree into her Talent Show outfit. Because the two people we asked to help backed out at the last minute, we ended up closing up our booth while she performed. We tried to think of every way to stay open but my Mom was the one helping Keree onto stage, while I taped and took pictures. When we got back there, I stood in-line with Keree so she could choose what number she would be in the line-up. She ended up drawing number 13. I really wish we could have drawn a more earlier number because I was scared Keree would fall asleep. Well considering that each act last around 4 minutes, it was almost 8pm before it was time for Keree to take the stage. She was so exhausted by then. When she got up on stage she started singing really good, but when she realized she missed a line, she got a glazed over look of panic and exhaustion on her face. I felt so bad for her because there was nothing we could do to help her out. She didn't look out at the crowd, so she didn't see my Mom or I and stayed fixated on the judges. As soon as she got off stage, she crawled into my arms and kept trying to fall asleep. We got to walk around at that time for a short bit and got to see how well Keree did with her Fair entries, she ended up winning ribbons on 15 out of the 17 she entered. And out of those 15, most of them are 1st place ribbons. She got so excited seeing all the ribbons she was getting. I'm guessing she'll be even more excited when she finds out, she gets a monetary award with every ribbon she won. Luckily, we managed to keep her awake till 930p, when they finally started handing out the awards. She did get a participation rosette for her hard work and she was thrilled with that. We also got her score sheets and she amazingly scored pretty high. She got a perfect score on Costume, Audience Appeal and Stage Presentation. As for Ability, her scores still were only 5 points away from perfect, which still is not bad considering she was exhausted. She finally got what seemed to see something of a second wind, so I decided to open up our booth for the last 20 minutes, while Keree and my Mom walked around a bit. Keree was excited to walk outside and see all the light and rides. She only wanted to ride the carousel but after last year and knowing her sensitivity to movement, we told her we would think about it. Off to bed, because I'm exhausted. Tomorrow we will be home for the majority of the day and then we have to be at the Fair by 4pm.

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