Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Break in the Heat

We woke up this morning to it only being 88 outside. Yes, that's hot but there was no humidity and there was a nice breeze. Since we hadn't unloaded the van yesterday with our rummage sale finds. We went outside to look at our treasures and enjoy the gorgeous weather. While my Mom and I was going through boxes, Keree played with her grab bag of toys and the doll house. She had a blast making the people come and go, fall from the roof and hiding. After we got done with our boxes, we grabbed the basket and picked the few ripe veggies we have. I'm so looking forward to when all those big boy tomatoes start turning red. I then decided to try out our new Nemo bubble blower. Even though it had worked yesterday, it wasn't blowing. Luckily it just needed a change a batteries and we were off. Keree had so much fun chasing the bubbles around. The only downside to it, is it gets super messy. So Keree decided to just blow bubbles out of the container. I think we spent onwards of 2+ hours blowing bubbles. We only headed inside when the flies started biting. Actually, we had even sprayed the area in hopes of driving them away before admitting defeat. Once inside, my Mom and I worked on business stuff while Keree played. We did end up watching the Tale of Despereaux and I have to say we really liked it. We ended our night by working in some workbooks before finally heading to bed.

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