Friday, July 30, 2010

Monsoon & Baseball

This morning we woke up to my Mom making pancakes. They tasted so good and was a welcome treat to our day. We didn't do to much today, other than work on crafty business stuff. Plus we knew we were going to have a long late afternoon/night because we were headed to the ball game. Being that it was Friday, that meant it was Busch Bash at the stadium and also meant Autograph night. As we drove to the stadium, it started to sprinkle off and on, the weather guy said that it would just be sprinkles the whole time. Once we got there, we were about 25 people from the gate opening and it started to rain a little harder this time. My Mom went back to get the umbrella but still I kept thinking it shouldn't get any worse than this. Well as soon as the gate opened, we rushed to get into line for autograph tickets, what we can't figure out, is why we were a good 200+ people back when the gate just opened and we literally walked right into where the line starts. It isn't like this was our first time at Busch Bash, heck we are an old hand at it. So there was something really fishy about how it all went down. They only hand out 150 tickets, which guarantees you an autograph for sure, then if there is extra time he will sign more. Within in seconds of getting in line, the skies opened up and it literally poured. The rain was hitting the concrete and bouncing back up. It was near flash flooding inside the stadium and we were standing in at least a good inch of water. Keree hid between us, while I tried with all my might to keep my backpack from getting wet. It rained like this for a good hour, the funny thing was, no one was leaving the line because of the fact he could sign more autographs. Amazingly, Ozzie Smith did start autographing closely on time but the huge on-field celebration of the 85' World Series win didn't happen. We waited in line until he stopped autographing and left, it kept raining off and on the entire time. The Local Farmer's Initiative was there and giving away free yogurt and baseball cards with local Farmer's on them. They were so awesome! We were all getting hungry, so we luckily got a table with a patio umbrella. We treated ourselves to some nachos and a hot dog to split between all of us. As soon as my Mom sat down, it started to rain yet again. It continued raining for the next 2 hours, so of course the game was on hold for the weather delay. It finally stopped, so my Mom and I looked at each other and decided since it was 930p, there was no way they were going to play. Well as soon as we left the stadium and got to the car, it started to rain again. We were about half way home, in a very heavy, can't see the road rain, when we heard they were starting the game. We got home, got out of our wet clothes and went to bed.

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