Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lazy Tuesday

This morning, after Keree woke me up before the sun was even up. I realized at that point, I had a splitting headache which was on the verge of being a migraine. I gave her some fruit loops, juice and I took a handful of pills hoping I could head off the migraine. Well when 730a rolled around, Keree crawled into bed with me and my headache was still going strong. I took another handful of drugs and drifted off to sleep for a little while until I was awoken by a sweet kiss on my cheek telling me Grandma had made breakfast. So I drug myself out of bed to eat some breakfast hoping that would help. Keree and I started to head outside to do school work but as soon as I stepped outside into the sultry heat, we came back inside because my head couldn't take it. Once back inside, Keree was needed for measurements for her pageant outfit that she is wearing this weekend and I had to make some corrections to it before my Mom could start sewing it again. We ate lunch and then everyone laid down for a nap, I indeed up staying up and trying to work on Keree's hairbows. I just wasn't sure what I wanted them to look like and finally I got the idea to make my own printed ribbon. I heard that lots of people do it but I had never tired my hand at it personally plus most of the people who do it has fancy programs. So I set off to the upstairs computer and try to figure it out. After a few hours (in the miserable heat), I finally got the picture laid out but I didn't have any iron-on transfer paper. Well once Keree woke up, we went outside to play for a short time while my Brother still slept and my Mom worked on some other stuff. But the heat got to us again, so we headed inside. My Mom had to doing some running, so she picked up some transfer paper. After we ate dinner, I was excited to head upstairs and try it out. The first transfer I tried sort of blurred at one end because the paper shifted just a hair. But when I tried it again, it turned out perfect. I'm so excited that I finally conquered my fear of printing my own ribbon. And I'm so excited about the possibilities of it all. In the late evening, my Aunt called and wanted to come see my Brother. I was indifferent on her coming because of the last fiasco when she showed up so super late to pick up Out-of-Town Aunt. We sat outside and visited, while Keree played on the swing set. It was a nice visit and she brought us some cucumbers. We headed inside when the bugs started biting and we are all headed to bed soon. Keree has PT in the morning, I'm still fighting the same headache and after PT we plan on going to play at the Fountains.

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  1. I love the printed ribbon- that is such a cool idea.