Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lesson 18 & Science Experiment

Keree woke up super early, before 5am early. So I dragged myself out of bed, fixed her some cereal with milk, turned on PBS and somehow convinced her to stay quietly in bed, I think it involved telling her if she got out of bed the tv wouldn't work anymore. Hey, I needed some sleep and this sinus infection is kicking my butt. Once we got up and going, we decided to have school outside today. I was eager to try out our new science experiment book. We gathered our supplies, school books and headed outside. Keree couldn't wait, so we read the experiment first before we started all the steps. It was called Grow a Gummy Bear, we didn't have any gummy bears, so we used a gummy shark. The first thing Keree had to decide was what she thought would happen to the Shark, she at first guessed, nothing would happen but then decided it was going to get bigger. Then she measured the shark, so we could compare his size tomorrow. I then read the steps to Keree and she did them. First she placed the shark in the bowl, added the water and then we watched to see what initially would happen. Keree remarked that the sharks was losing his skin. Which she was totally right, whatever the thin layer is on the outside of a gummy was coming loose and it looked like he was shedding. After we were finished, Keree went and swung for awhile before she was ready to start her reading lesson. We covered Lesson 18 this time and she whized through it. She had no problem with the reading section, which is now two lines of words. She was insistent that I do not help her at all while she read. I'm also seeing results in real life situation, where she will sound out certain words. After we were finished with our lesson, Keree went back to playing on her swingset. We also were watching the bumble bees and butterflies flying around our yard. I decided to move Keree's basketball hoop around to the other side of her swingset and somehow even with shoes on, a bumble bee ended up stinging me on the bottom of my toe. In that second I was in total and utter pain. I told Keree to hurry up, as I grabbed our books and headed inside. I'm thankful my Mom was here because there was no way I could have found the stinger on my own because of where the sting was. After we got the stinger out and I got ice on my foot, I showed Keree the bumble bee stinger. We talked about stingers and how after a bee stings something it dies. We also talked about how sometimes someone can be highly allergic to a sting. Which my Mom and I then ended up talking and wondering if Keree was allergic to bees because of her reaction to mosquito bites (if she gets a bite on her back, literally her whole back swells up). Guess that's another question for her next Doctor's appointment because I would hate to have her be stung and have her have a deadly allergic reaction. For lunch, Keree helped me make twice baked potatoes and we also had left over bratwursts. Keree ate all her brat and just a little of her potato, I on the other hand was feeling sick to my stomach. I can only guess it was from the bee sting because I was feeling fine before then. After eating, Keree then headed to bed for her afternoon nap of course after an hour she came out and exclaimed she was done. Hmm, I don't think so, so I headed back in there and laid down with her. Within 15 minutes, she was fast asleep and I couldn't keep my eyes open, so I feel asleep too. When we woke up around 5pm (never thought we would sleep that long), Keree woke up nice and refreshed. I, on the other hand woke up still sick to my stomach and feeling awful. I took some benadryl and tum, in hopes of feeling better. I cooked some alfredo noodles for dinner and I spent the rest of tonight taking it easy because of my upset stomach. Keree spent her evening playing like she was in a pageant, she would walk out on her pretend stage and we would have to put her Birthday crown on her, then she would take a bow, it was hilarious.

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