Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hot, Hot, Hot & Lesson 21

Today and tomorrow are suppose to be the hottest days so far this summer. We got a slow start this morning because none of us slept good because we were so hot. There is only so much that fans can do to make you comfortable. Once we were up and dressed, we went outside to give our veggies a good dose of water before the extreme heat hit. The air was so heavy that it was hard to breathe, so we stayed outside for just enough time to water. When we got back inside, Keree had fun playing. She found her Statue of Liberty hat that she got at Reds Opening day and also used her light up wand and spent most of the morning being the Statue of Liberty. It was amazing to see how long she could just stand still in the middle of the room being a statue. It was also super hilarious!! Since she's usually a ball of energy and always underfoot, I'm thinking I may encourage this game alot more (LOL). With it being so hot, none of us wanted to eat something warm. So I decided to make some Bruschetta. I had never tired to make Bruschetta before but I knew I had some tomatoes from my Aunt (that were on the soft side) and needed to be used before they went bad. I can't believe how easy it was to make and have no idea why I have always let the name of it make me think it was super hard to fix. So I combined tomatoes, garlic, red onions some dried italian herbs, olive oil and TaDa, Bruschetta. I then thinly sliced a sourdough bread round, lightly sprinkled olive oil and some italian herbs and toasted it in the oven. This is the only part I hated because the house was already super hot and I was heating up the oven. But it didn't take very long to toast the bread, so it wasn't too bad. Now my Mom wasn't a fan of the Bruschetta, whereas Keree and I devoured it. I can't believe how good and refreshing it was. After lunch, Keree laid down for her nap, which of course didn't go well. After 2 hrs of trying to get her to sleep, I joined her. Of course, I fell asleep before she did but she did eventually fall asleep. Once we got up, we worked on Lesson 21. I'm surprised with such a gap between our lesson's this time, Keree didn't miss a beat. I couldn't believe how quickly we finished our lesson, I wanted to do the next lesson but Keree didn't want to. Instead we worked in two workbooks, one on words and the other on letters. After we finished up, Keree wanted to play pageant. So after we pretended to call her on stage and put the plastic crown on her. She then decided it was better just to play pageant with her Dolly.

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