Friday, July 16, 2010

HOT and Lesson 22

This morning, we got up bright and early for PT. I have to say that the Fill-in PT really cracked me up today because she kept trying to have Keree do grown-up exercises. Keree would try the exercise and then put her own twist on it to make it easier for herself. Which was driving the Fill-In PT nuts. After we finished up, we stopped for a breakfast sandwich before we headed to my Mom's doctors appointment. It was super hot outside already but I told my Mom there was no way we were going in with her. Now there a few reason's why...#1 the waiting room is small, I mean like 8 chairs and they are always filled, #2 I swear everytime we go with her the room is filled with sick people and I mean super sick people and #3 everytime we go I end up catching something and then I feel yucky for days or weeks. So we sent my Mom in there by herself, so Keree and I sat in the car sweating. She was in there almost 2 hrs, so Keree and I did Lesson 22. Lesson 22 was a review of previous letters and sounds we already learned and then of course a reading assignment and comprehension. I have found that Keree understands very well what she is reading but during the comprehension when I ask her questions, she goes beyond the simple answers she is suppose to provide. Like today's lesson was about a goat eating seeds. Well Keree was like I think he is eating grass seed because the Momma who was moving the bag busted it open. Of course the story went even farther, so usually I have to stop her or she would continue. After our school work was done, Keree played with her video games. She has gotten really good at them and I'm thinking she is going to be ready for the next step in video games sooner rather than later. But I'm going to stay with the strict thought that they have to be strictly educational and none of it just for fun. Once my Mom got done, we headed home. It was super miserable outside, so we spent the afternoon and evening outside. We ventured out for a short time to water plants but that was it.

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