Friday, July 2, 2010

Lesson 19, Science, Math & Birthday

hKeree was up again before 5am, I tried everything possible to convince her to go back to sleep but it was hopeless. I just don't get why she gets up super early, I've pushed back her bedtime to between 9-930p, she only takes maybe an hour nap most days, so she should be exhausted, right? And I can't complain because she has always been an early riser and honestly her sleep has improved so much since the beginning. I'm really beginning to think she is a child who doesn't need the 10+ hours a day the Experts suggest.
So back to our day, so as soon as I decided to get out of bed and get going, we called my Baby Brother and wished him a Happy 25th Birthday. I can't believe it was 25 years ago today that I spent the night at my Grandma's house on Maple and a little while after 6am, I heard the phone ring and they told my Grandma my Brother had finally been born (my Mom was in labor for 4 days). I couldn't wait to visit him at the hospital, I had dreamed my entire life about having a brother or sister. And I'm pretty sure a few weeks later, I wanted to get rid of him. But now days, I can't imagine my life without him. So, Happy Birthday to the best Little Brother in the World! Once we were dressed and ready to go, we decided to go and check on our Science Experiment....well something went horrible wrong because of instead of the shark growing, he instead dissipated. We were really disappointed that the experiment didn't go right. So next time we are out the store, I'll buy some real gummy bears and some of the other supplies we need to complete some of the other experiments. After we dumped out the blue water, we started Lesson 19. We actually whizzed through it even though they introduced a new sound. Keree is having a little trouble sounding out "the", she sounds it out correctly but I think because of my twang of a Southern Accent (which my daughter has picked up), the way we say The doesn't sound like The sounded out. I have a feeling that we may run into a few other problems down the road with our pronunciation of words. After we were finished, we worked in a Pre-K math book, she actually finished half the book before Keree decided it was time to play. I couldn't argue at that point since we had been doing school work for almost 2 hours at that point. So Keree played on her swing set, went down the slide and caught a toad. She placed him on some flowers and we watched him hop around. We also watched him secrete when a grasshopper jumped on top of him. Keree thought he was sweating but I explained to her that it was sort of like poison that he uses to protect himself. She thought that was pretty cool but was wondering if it would burn us. So we talked about frogs and toads that are poisonous to us and that the frogs and toads in our area are not poisonous to humans. After the Frog hopped away, Keree went back to playing on her swingset until it was time to head inside for lunch. We ended up fixing grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup and then Keree laid down for her nap. While Keree was sleeping, I got a call from my Grandma (my Dad's Mom). I was surprised she had finally returned my call but I know that my Great-Aunt had called her. Our call was a little strange, it started off as just pleasantries and then she finally asked about my Dad, his funeral, who was there, etc, etc. I told her that there was no private services and that they just put that in the paper so people would know that there was no type of services. She then asked me if I had seen my Dad before he passed away. I have nothing to hide and no reason to lie to her, so I told her about our few visits we had. Because of the issues within that side of the family, I didn't talk to either one of them about the other. We talked for about a half-hour before we got off, she told me that we needed to plan a time to get together and go out because she really wants to see Keree. That made me feel better because I was pretty convinced that she would be cutting all contact with us. I know my Great-Aunt had alot to do with her calling us and I'm thankful for that. After Keree woke up from her nap, we cleaned a little and then set the table with Uncle's birthday cake. Keree had so much fun putting the decorations on it and also counting out 25 candles. I think she did such a great job picking out the theme...of course it was baseball. Then later on this evening, I ended up catching a baby field mouse that was in our yard. My thought was it was too close to my house, so I relocated it to the woods behind our house. But before we let it go, Keree had fun watching it crawl around, she had never seen a mouse before, so she was fascinated by all of it's movements. We ended up giving it a cracker, so Keree could watch how it ate. My Brother called and he ended up not getting off work till super late, so he won't make it in tonight. Which I'm sad we won't see him on his Birthday but at least we'll have the weekend to celebrate with him.

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