Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kingdom Playground

I couldn't sleep last night, I still had a million things running through my head. I just couldn't relax, so that meant I was up till past 2am. So, while I couldn't sleep, I worked on some craft stuff and then researched random things on the net. Which was kind of neat because I came across a new park...well I guess it's not all that new but it was new to us. It advertised that it had a splash park and also a huge castle playground. Of course having Mommy guilt from yesterday, I decided I would take Keree there today. My back started hurting, so I finally decided to try and just lay in bed, Keree decided to wake up at the same time, she said she had a nightmare and begged to sleep with me. She fell back asleep fairly fast but I'm not sure what time I finally succumbed to sleep but I know it was after several 1/2 hours of info commercials. Keree of course was up at her normal time, I bought myself a little time by turning on PBS but somehow she has learned that Nick is also on that television. Of course again, lack of sleep and Mommy guilt, I turned on Nick. I know, even in my sleepy state, I gasped at the thought. But I have to say she was so quiet while it was on and I got a good solid hour of restful sleep. Then, much to my dismay, I woke up to Spongebob. Luckily, she knows the rules and that means when Mommy is up, she gets to flip on the news. So, I got Keree and I dressed and asked my Mom if she wanted to come with us. Keree knew something was up, when I put on her swimsuit and then her clothes. I put a longer pair of capri's on her, in hopes that they would protect her from the hot slides. Keree then got to pick where we ate for breakfast, of course she picked McDonald's. Which in the scheme of things a sausage mcmuffin is much better than donuts. It wasn't that long of a drive to get there from our house and even with me getting a little lost, we got there in no time. When we arrived, we were disappointed to discover that the Splash Park was closed until further notice. We were all so bummed out but then we saw the gigantic playground and that helped in our disappointed. Keree hadn't finished her breakfast, so we sat at one of the picnic tables until she was finished. Then it was time to play, we started out on the 2-5yr playground. Keree had fun walking, climbing and sliding before heading over to the Castle. The Castle was amazing but Keree was a little unsure at first because of the height. So I gave the camera to my Mom and went up to the tip top with her. I'm not sure how tall it was but I was amazed at the view. Keree decided to take the slide down, while I climbed down to the bottom. After that we explored the rest of the playground, Keree hung on the monkey bars, hung on the rings, climbed and hide in the tunnels, walked the wiggle balance beam and crossed the bouncy bridge a million times. After awhile we explored the Dragon side of the Castle. Well, once you get to the top of that area, you get four choices to get down. Well none of those 4 choices were stairs...the only way to go down was to pick one of 4 slides. My Mom stood at the bottom of the slide and laughed her a$$ off at me. Of course she took a picture and I can only assume it will reappear at the worst time. My Mom was getting super hot, so she went and sat down at the picnic table, while Keree and I continued playing. We ran, explored and just had fun. Keree discovered a chain ladder and she went up and down it several times. When I asked her later, she said that was her favorite part of the playground. So while I was taking some pictures and a movie, I turned around and smack in front of me was a huge wasp nest. The nest was at least 3" in diameter and filled with eggs and wasps. We were getting ready to leave but that kind of sealed the deal. All I could imagine was that with our luck, one of us was going to get stung. We noticed on the Welcome sign a phone number to call if there was any issues. So we did our good deed and called the City, she couldn't Thank us enough. I told my Mom later that all I could imagine was some stupid kid either trying to knock it down or poke it with a stick and get stung. And of course being the City that this playground was in, their parents would have sued the City in an instant. We were going to head straight home but my Mom needed to run a few errands. Luckily they didn't take to long. By the time we got home, we were so exhausted from the heat. Keree wouldn't lay down by herself, something about nightmares and monsters. So I promised to sit with her until she fell asleep. I'm guessing she was so tired from being outside in the fresh air and heat that's why she took an almost 3 hour nap. Once Keree got up, we played around the house. We fixed a tomato cucumber salad and some noodles for dinner. And then spent the evening playing and relaxing.

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