Friday, July 9, 2010

PT and Friend Day

This morning we woke up a little late, so we had to rush to get to PT. The Replacement PT has had an Intern working with her and today was Intern Lynn's last day. Keree was kind of sad about it because she really liked working with Intern Lynn. She was so full of energy and new ideas to try on Keree. I'm bummed that I forgot my camera and didn't get a picture of them together. I actually have to say as much as I love our regular PT, I love all the new ideas they are trying to strengthen her hips/trunk/legs/feet. Now Keree did freak out today with them. They took her into the stairwell, so she could walk up flights of stairs. The problem was, there was a horrible loud echo from their voices and then add in Doctors and Nurses walking up and down the stairs, the sound was just deafening. Keree got to the 2nd Flight, backed herself against the wall and wouldn't move. They asked her what was wrong and she said she was scared. I knew she had Sound Sensory overload and that's what was freaking her out. They asked me if she got scared on steps and I go, No. They then asked me how she goes up and downstairs...I don't think they liked my answer then either because it was really smart-alec. I think the PT's thought I was nuts when I told her it was Sensory overload from the Sound. And as soon as they started whispering and the sound wasn't so deafening, she calmed down and she walked down the stairs with no problem. Seriously, never doubt the Momma! We then rushed home to change because today Keree was invited to Friend Day at her friend, Sam's dance/gym class. Before we went to class, we had to drop my Brother's car off at the Mechanic's to have the barrings packed. Since my Mom failed to tell me that was her plan, we almost ran late to Friend Day. I have to say it was really adorable seeing the two girls together. We hadn't seen each other since Keree's birthday (5 mos ago) and I had actually been putting off getting together with them. But honestly, it really was nice. Keree (in pink w/bows & pigtails) and Sam (in lavender) had a blast. They learned the first 3 positions in ballet, they practiced shuffling in tap and then there was the gymnastic time. It was hilarious watching Keree try out all the equipment. And of course her favorite is balance beam and the bars. The Teacher was surprised by her upper body strength. If it wasn't so far away, I honestly would have probably signed Keree up for the class, so she could go with Sam. Since it's a chain, they do have a gym closer to us. So, I'm thinking once I know when cheerleading practice is, I may sign her up for a class or two. Once we said our good-byes, we called to see if my Brother's car was fixed yet. I was so ticked off when they said it was going to be another 2 1/2 hours. UGH! We couldn't go home because that would have been a waste of gas, so we wandered around stores. Our first stop was a Micheals, I have to say their selection of everything really sucked at that store. It basically catered to jewelry, scrapbooking and a huge kids section. Since we didn't waste any time at all there, we headed to Target. We ended up spending most of our time in the snack bar because Keree fell asleep right before we got there. We got a soda and then took advantage of the free refills. Finally, I got tired of sitting, so we walked around. I found a few school workbooks and flash cards in the dollar bins. Keree woke up about half-way through the store, so we walked through toys. Pressing all those buttons on the toys is so much fun. Finally we had wasted enough time, we headed to the Mechanics. Thankfully the car was finished on time. Once we got home, we spent the evening practicing for the Pageant on Sunday. With Keree changing her song choice at the last moment, it's changed what she will do on stage. I know this is just a local Festival pageant but after she only won 1st last year, I really want her to win Queen this year. Honestly, I just want her to have fun but the competitive side of me really wants the crown and savings bond.

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