Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Twirling Princess

Our day started off slowly because none of us wanted to get out of bed. We hadn't slept that well overnight because of the heat and we actually had a somewhat bearable morning, so it was nice just to rest. Once we started out the day, we enjoyed a breakfast of eggs and toast. Keree spent the morning either playing Princess or cooking Calamari (her plastic octopus) and noodles (mardi gras beads). She was so proud of herself when she would serve it to us with her Dragon Princess crown on her head. She then would exclaim, "Mommy didn't you eat calamari while in Vietnam?" Of course, I always answer yes because I did have a seafood dish with lots of different seafood in it and the Calamari that was on there was still alive. After I tell her yes, she gets excited and says "I'm just like the girl in Vietnam who gave you alive calamari but Mommy I made sure mine is cooked." What a thoughtful girl. The heat had gotten to my Mom, so she and Keree laid down for a nap together, so I went upstairs to work on the computer up there. I had to print off some paperwork for Keree's cheerleading and some Shows. Since, I was up there, I decided to mess around and work on some printed ribbon. I lost total track of time and by the time I came back downstairs, it was almost 5pm. Keree and my Mom had been up for awhile and they had finally found her baton circle. We messed around with twirling it in the house but then decided we should go outside. I think we stayed outside for 10 minutes before we were drenched in sweet and getting bite by bugs. I'm surprised at how quickly Keree is catching on to twirling. I just wish I could find a twirling team in the area, there's only so much I can remember from my twirling days to teach her. Our evening was pretty much the same as this morning, except we would stop every once in awhile and twirl the baton.

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