Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fountain & Playground Fun

Keree got up this morning super excited because we were going to have a playdate with Sam. Of course we left in plenty of time but every turn we took, they were doing road work. So we ended up being 5 min late. Which normally isn't a big deal because our Friends are never on time (usually 1/2 hr or more late). We were surprised when we got there and they were waiting for us. Actually, I was shocked. Keree was ready to get into the water right away. She grabbed Sam's hand and they took off. Well, Sam wasn't too sure of Keree and her plans to get drenched, so she hung out with us, while Keree rushed in. After about 15 minutes had passed and Sam still hadn't warmed to the idea of getting wet. I suggested that we go play on the playground. Luckily the playground seemed to break the ice between the girls. They went down the slide together, played on the 3 teeter totter contraptions, climbed the stairs and through tunnels and headed toward the giant hands statue. It was hilarious watching them play together and restart the bonds of friendship. After walking around the giant hand statue, they headed back into the playground. Sam climbed, while Keree kept practicing hanging. Sam wanted to go swinging but Keree had a different idea. So, I helped both of the girls into the bouncy horse. They had a blast bouncing back and forth and I had the biggest smile watching them. After they were done, they then headed to the swings. Sam loves to go high and fast, where Keree barely likes to swing. After swinging, they headed over to the playhouse. That is where they spent the majority of their time. They first pretended it was an ice cream shop and then Keree turned it into a Doctor's office. I not sure how many times we heard them utter, "now your sick". Of course, Keree was pretty sophisticated in playing Doctor and Sam picked up quickly making sure to take a temperature, listen to the heart, tell them to breathe in and out, look at their eyes, ears, nose and finally handing a handful of mulch, saying take these and it's just allergies. LOL. Poor Keree, anytime she gets sick it turns out to be just her allergies that is the main cause of the problem. While they played Sam's Mom and I sat down and talked. Our conversations mostly revolved around the girls, adoption and a few friends. After awhile the girls got tired of playing so they headed back into the playground and finally we headed back into the fountains. Keree of course was thrilled and much to our surprise, Sam jumped right in this time. We played for quite awhile before we finally stopped to eat lunch. Sam's Mom provided sandwiches and chips, while I brought the drink (pink lemonade). Once we finished eating, the girls headed back into the fountains. They played forever and before we knew it, it was after 130p and since we had been there since 930a, we decided to call it a day. So Keree and I started the drive home. Well I know this is going to be too much information but it's just one of those things I want to remember. As soon as we got in the car, my allergies and sinuses started acting up. I could feel the drainage going down my throat, it was awful. Keree fell asleep before we even got out of the park thank goodness. Well I was about 15 miles from home and suddenly I felt ill. I happened to be on the one road where you can't pull over, you can't slow down...your just stuck. All of a sudden I coughed and instead I got sick. Luckily it all landed on my shirt but it just felt so nasty. So the next stop sign I stopped at, I actually slide off my shirt and drove home in my bra. I'm just so thankful I live in the country because the thought of a bunch of gawking neighbors seeing me in my shorts and bra makes me cringe. Keree actually kept sleeping when I carried her into the car and after a quick shower, I laid down also for a short time. Since we are in another heat wave, we spent the rest of the day relaxing and working on crafty stuff around the house.

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