Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Homeschool & File Folder Fun

Keree woke up this morning in an awful mood, I can only assume that she's still not feeling well. I told her that even if she wasn't feeling good, that she wasn't allowed to act awful. She apologized and was in a little better mood. While Keree ate breakfast, I headed up stairs, I had a few mail labels to print off for orders and also some print outs. After everything was said and done, we headed outside for our 10am meeting. Today was our meeting with a Homeschool Coordinator (and 2 Teachers in training) from a local private program. It's sort of like a co-op but they have a teacher come to your house once a week, you have a group social event and field trip once a month. The biggest appeal to the program is it's free but the catch is you have to pass several different interviews to get in. I hated having to have the meeting outside but it was cooler out there than inside. We headed out about 930a to move the table into the shade, wipe down the chairs and then place towels in them to keep clothes from getting dirty. I also sprayed the area we were sitting in, in hopes that the bugs would stay away. While I got everything done and waited for them, Keree rode her bike, played on the swing set and watered the plants. I had promised Keree if she was really good that she would get to play in her sand table while they were here. Needless to say, they showed up a good 1/2 hr late. They were here almost 2 hours and most of that time was spent filling out paperwork. Things that bugged the hell out of me were, they couldn't get the concept this was my house and my Mom lived with me. They kept assuming I lived with my Parents because there's no way I women my age could own a place like this. UGH!! The next thing that drove me crazy is because half of Keree's paperwork is in her Vietnamese name still and the other half is in her American name. No matter how many times I called Keree, Keree, she kept calling her by her Vietnamese name. Now the last thing and probably the most annoying was, she totally wouldn't believe me that Keree had a disability. I physically had to have Keree come over to where we were and show her, her AFO, the riser on her shoes to correct leg length, etc. Seriously, I don't make Keree's disability a big deal and 90% of the time it's a non-issue in our everyday life. But to have someone basically flat out not believe you there is an issue makes me beyond furious. I have to say at that point, I thought maybe this was a wrong decision and I should withdraw our application. I finally decided to leave our application in and if the program just doesn't work for us, we will withdrawal at that point. It was 1230p when we finished up, I shook their hands, thanked them and apologized for having to sit outside. We came right in and fixed some lunch (tomato and cucumber salad) and then Keree laid down for a nap. She's complaining that her throat is itchy and her ears are closed. I'm really hoping that it's just allergies because she's got a runny nose and tons of draining. She slept for almost 3 hours and most of that time was spent on top of me. So everything I had planned for nap time, was thrown out the window. When she finally woke up, she helped me make a File Folder game. I've been doing more research on Homeschooling and have found that this is a great tool in learning. The one we made was called Animal groups. Keree and I had so much fun putting the animals into either mammals, birds or reptiles. Before playing we had a long discussion on what the differences of mammals, birds and reptiles. She actually only got 2 matches wrong the first time we played. In the evening, we ended up having to do some running and by the time we got home it was almost 8p. So we ate a quick dinner and then Keree decided to spend the rest of the evening practicing for the County Fair talent show.
Now I can't end today's post without mentioning that today would have been my Grandpa's birthday. I can't believe he's been gone for 7 years now because there isn't a day that passes I don't think about him. It's amazing to think he was the first person I told with my plans to someday adopt. I wish he would have lived long enough to meet Keree because they would have loved each other so much. After he passed away, I use to make a trip up North to place flowers on his grave but that tradition has fell by the wayside since Keree's been home. I had really wanted to restart the tradition this year but it just didn't happen, which makes me a little sad considering everything else that has happened this year. So Happy Birthday Grandpa, I miss and love you so much!

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  1. There is nothing worse than someone argueing with you about your own child... Makes me nuts...
    Lunch sounds light, cool and yummy!!