Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lessons 24 & 25

Keree didn't sleep well last night. She feel asleep in my bed and when I went to move her, she woke up. I can't even count how many times she woke up during the night with pain. When we finally got going this morning, we decided since it wasn't miserable hot, that we would head outside. When I was cleaning, I came across Keree's in-line skates. I bought the skates almost a year before I brought her home, in hopes that we would go in-line skating together. Our sidewalk is a really rough surface but she got the hang of it quickly. I can't count how many times she went up and down the sidewalk (it was at least 10 times) before she had her first fall. And even her first fall, was in slow motion and she caught herself. After she finished skating, she played on her tricycle for awhile before heading inside. Once inside, it was nap time. She didn't want to go to sleep, so I sat in there with her hoping she would fall asleep. Three hours later and she finally closed her eyes. When she got up, we played for awhile before we started with school. We did some review before we started our lessons. We covered Lesson 24, which was a review of the last sound we covered. She stumbled over some of it, but I blame that on myself because I've been so laxed the last few weeks on trying to do some work. Once we finished Lesson 24, Keree begged to go onto the next lesson. On to Lesson 25, which introduced a new sound, they are starting to phase out the rhyming section but that's ok because Keree is finally starting to rhyme on her own. Which is a skill she should of mastered before she was 3 and had been an area we had struggled with until we started rhyming with our Lesson book. The funny thing was, I had brought up this concern to the Pre-school Teacher last year about it being a milestone she missed. Her response was less than desirable one and I was brushed off with the normal, "Well you know she does score above all her peers by 2-3 grade levels, so I wouldn't worry if she's missing 1 milestone." UGH!! Once we finished with school, it was bedtime. So, Keree headed to bed but I finished my evening by watching Toddler and Tiara's....actually it seemed like it was a marathon because I watched quite a few of them.

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