Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fabric Trunk Show, Tomato, Princess Tomato Custard

This morning we got up before 530am, so we could head into the next County. I couldn't believe that it was already 102 degrees that early in the morning. The reason we headed out that early was because Wallymart was having a Fabric Trunk show. Yep, when the heck did Wallymart start using such fancy terms. Basically they were selling bolts of fabric for $5 and bolts of ribbon for $1. When those are major things you use for business, you can't beat the prices. I came home with so much amazing fabric/ribbon and found quite a few things I'm going to just use for Keree. After making our selections and paying for it all, it was just a little after 8am. We then headed home. Once we got home, I watered the plants outside and Keree swung and rode her scooter before the oppressive heat got worse. We were delighted that we had 4 cherry tomatoes ready to be picked. Keree was beyond excited to pick them and eat them. We then worked on a few things indoors before we headed back out. I wouldn't have headed back out in this miserable heat (123 degrees at 1130a) but today the 3 local newspapers were running the articles and the pictures in there papers. Unfortunately, their publications don't come this far South, so we had to drive a good bit just to get them. When we picked them up, we were excited that one of the papers, actually has Keree on the front page and then in the main story in another section of the paper (full page story), there are about 3 other pictures of her. The other newspaper had no pictures of Keree but did mention her name and the last newspaper had a half page story with a 5x7 picture of Princess Tomato and Sir Catsup. We picked up several copies for ourselves and a few of our lucky family/friend members will get a copy also. Since we were having to drive that far, we decided to use two of Keree's coupons she got for becoming Princess Tomato. She was so excited that we were going to get ice cream...well actually it was frozen custard. We had never eaten there before because it is always crowded but I guess because of it being extreme heat, no one wanted to sit outside and eat. I have to say when we got there, I couldn't believe how expensive it was! Just for Keree's kiddie ice cream cup with one topping it was $3.95. Seriously, it was less frozen custard than what you would get when you use a normal ice cream scooper at home. I'm just thankful her coupons were for Free Kiddie ice cream cups. I would have hated to promise her frozen custard and then have to disappoint her because there is no way I would paid that much for what it was! No, I'm not a mean Momma, just cheap...Heck, it would have been cheaper to go and buy her a pint of Ben & Jerry's at the store...again thank goodness it was for Free. Keree was so excited and enjoyed her Frozen Custard so much. There was great music playing and being we were the only people there, we just enjoyed our time. Since it was getting late, we put the lid on Keree's custard and headed home. We weren't even 5 minutes down the road and she was fast asleep. When we got home, Keree laid down for a little while longer watching Between the Lions and I worked on some bows with the new ribbon I got today. The rest of the evening, we took it easy. The heat seemed to really take it out of us today. And our poor window unit just wasn't cutting it today.

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