Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lesson 23 & Uniform Pick-up

When we woke up this morning, it was to a very dark, cloudy sky and awful humidity, I swear you could of cut the air with a knife. It didn't help that at 7am, it was already 95 degrees. I have to say the rest of the day was just weird. When we finally got going, we had to run and pick up some groceries, plus a friend had some more fresh vegetables. The drive there, literally the road was empty the whole way. I mean we are in downtown and there is no one, I could of ran every stop sign and had no worries that someone would hit me. I'm not sure if it was because the clouds looked so ominous or what. I was super excited to see all the great veggies we got, some more zucchini, patty pan squash, tomatoes and cucumbers. I can't wait to whip up another patty pan squash lasagna and I have so much planned for those zucchini's. After those errands, we ended up having to run to Wallymart for my Mom's prescription. So Keree and I went on a search for a few food items that I deemed to expensive at the previous store. Keree is such a good shopper, I can go down the sweets, candy and ice cream aisle and she says nothing. Occasionally something will catch her eye and she'll ask me to slow down to find out what it is but she never asks for it. We headed down the Asian/Mexican/Multi-Ethnic aisle and were delighted to see that they started carrying alot more Asian spices/sauces. It still doesn't replace my need of visiting my local Teeny Tiny Asian market but at least I know if she's closed (which is quite often) that I can go there to try and find what I need. Overall, I will always prefer to shop a hometown market/store over a chain. Once we got home, we quickly covered Lesson 23. They introduced a new sound but I was surprised that they really didn't use the new sound at all through out the lesson. After we finished, Keree wanted to cover the next Lesson, so we started 24. We were almost finished with it, when Keree decided she was tired of it and wanted to stop. I assume it was because she was getting tired. So, Keree laid down for a nap, my Mom rested and I worked on updating some paperwork on a possible job. The afternoon ticked by too quickly and before I knew it, we had to leave to pick up Keree's cheerleading uniform. When we got to where I thought we were picking them up, no one was there. I drove all over the sports complex and saw no little kids and parents. The only thought I had was to head home because that is where the Cheer Director's phone number was. Luckily, right as I was about to pull out, my Mom remembered that I had Keree's friends number. So I called her and luckily, she was able to tell me that it was actually across the street on some back road. I would have never found it on my own. Keree and her friend, J was so happy to see each other. We walked upstairs to get Keree's uniform and that is where the informed me the smallest size they had was a 5. Both my Mom and I looked at each other. I mean seriously you want me to put a size 5 on a child who wears a 18-24 months! We humored them and tried on Keree...the skirt went down to her ankles and the arm holes on the shell went almost down to her waist. It was ridiculous. We went back upstairs and I was telling them that there is no way she can wear this. Well J's Mom came in and was hearing me explain all this to them. The Cheer Director and the rest of the Cheer Mom's that were helping out was like, there's nothing we can do. I'm trying to be polite but J's Mom jumps in and honestly the best term I can use is a slang. She got ignorant on them. I think about half way through it, both my Mom and I shot her a look and she calmed down. The Cheer Director offered to go to the "Board" and ask if she could special order Keree a uniform that would fit her. We offered to have the uniform taken for alterations to save them money. Seriously, order a new uniform at $150 or have it altered to fit Keree for under $50 (probably under $25 but over estimating). We all left and we were letting the girls run around and play. About 15 minutes later our cell phone rang. It happened to be the Cheer Director, the "Board" had decided that we could just have the uniform altered and they would pay for it. WhooHoo! I then went upstairs, filled out all the paperwork and they handed me the overly big uniform. Once at home, we had dinner, watched Keree's favorite show Wipeout and relaxed.

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