Saturday, July 3, 2010

4th of July Parade & Air Show

We got up this morning and was quite excited that my Brother was going to get to join us on our annual Family Outing. We got packed, piled into the car and was on our way. Since we got a little late start, we didn't get out usual spot to sit but we lucked into a spot close by. What we found out later why no one wanted to sit there is because the cops and parade officials kept blocking your view. It was so frustrating but we tried not to let it ruin our fun (even though it did screw up a few pictures when they walked into them). Keree was so excited this year, I'm not sure what she would say was her favorite thing but I know she did get spooked by one of the giant wooden clown costumes. Actually I think any of the giant balloons, the Little Mermaid float and the Super Heros that handed out candy were her favorites. After the parade was finished, we walked the few blocks to the park grounds. We decided to not cross over and sit in the actually Arch fairgrounds and deal with Homeland Security, plus this way we got to sit in the shade and enjoy the Air Show. This is the first time in 5 years that they have performed the Air Show. Heck, growing up, I remember that was the only reason some people use to go. It was also the Fair's 30th year, which is hard to believe when you consider the Parade is in it's 133rd year. While we were waiting to decide where to sit on the shady ground area, Uncle took Keree over to the Firetruck spray. They set these up every year since it's always so freakin' hot and humid. They had so much fun running through the spray together. Finally we sat out our blanket, grabbed the cooler out of the stroller and enjoyed a little picnic snack. The Air Show was 2 hours long. Keree was amazed at the Parachute guys, some carrying the American flag while others were sky writers. About an hour into the show, Keree laid down and took a nap. The only reason she was woken up is because of the noise made by the only privately-owned Harrier Jet. Once Keree woke up, we decided to finally cross over to the Arch grounds. Keree couldn't wait to see the giant blown-up Energizer Bunny. She was so excited when she saw him and also the Gigantic Shopping Basket. We were going to head to the kids area, but Keree wasn't wanting to walk because her legs were hurting her. So we decided to head back to our shady area and wait for Uncle, he left for a short time to walk to the Stadium. When he got back, we started the trek back to our car, we decided to walk through the fair grounds and was amazed at how much the fair has changed over the years. We stopped for a few pictures before we headed home. We were so exhausted by the time we got home, that we spent the rest of the evening resting.

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