Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bee Rash, Bee Rash, Go Away

Keree wasn't happy last night when Uncle said he was going to visit his girlfriend in Texas today. Like I've said before these two are super close and their good-byes are usually tear filled. Because of this Keree had a super rough night last night. She didn't want to go to bed. When she was finally asleep, she woke back up at 130a totally freakin out. She wanted to sleep with me and I knew if I said no, I wouldn't get any sleep. Once she was asleep next to me, she tossed and turned. The alarm went off at 330a and my Mom was nice enough to drive my Brother to the train, because she knew if I moved, Keree would wake up and most likely flip out. When she woke up at 426a, she asked me where Uncle was. I told him he had left to catch the train to the airport, she just started sobbing. I finally got her calmed back down, she fell back asleep but then she was up almost every hour on the hour until 7a. I convinced her to stay in bed till 8a, which I had really hoped she would fall back asleep but no luck. Once we got dressed and going, she was still in a funk. I had planned on doing some lessons but she was in no mood. I finally pulled out a Word workbook and since it was more like a game, she really got into it. We actually almost finished the whole book and I was surprised at how well she did on this book. We had worked on it a few months ago and she totally struggled. Now all I had to do was read the opening statement and she did the work on her own then. After we finished up, we decided to play a game. At the beginning of yard sale season, I scored a whole bunch of games for 50 cents and $1. So most of the games we are playing are new to us. We decided to play Milton Bradley's Wheels on the Bus, this is a great starter game and we did have fun playing it. But for Keree it was no challenge and for us adults it was sort of boreing. Again, I know this is for the average 3-6 yrs old and I know it would be perfect to play with some of Keree's cousins and friends but otherwise it doesn't score in my top 5 to play. Overall though Keree did enjoy the Wheels on the Bus song playing between bus stops. By then it was time for lunch, so I fixed Cucumber salad. I can't tell you how refreshing and good it tasted. It was then time for nap. I knew Keree was overly-tired by then but after 20 minutes and not falling asleep, she went into total meltdown mode. I went and sat on the bed with her, one minute she would calm herself down and the next she's screaming that she can't calm down. I held her close for awhile and sang to her, then she wanted down. Finally she settled enough, she told me she missed Uncle. Then, she had to have both her legs on me, me rubbing her legs and I had to sing Farmer in the Dell but she went to sleep. Of course, I couldn't move because she needed to feel that body contact. I know this isn't a normal kid reaction. I know that her grieving stems from something much deeper in her past. But I also know what she needs to get through this type of day. Once she woke up, she was a different kid. She still missed Uncle but she knew he was coming back on Sunday and then he was going back home. I still find it strange she's ok with him being at home, with us or doing something with work but he can't take a vacation to somewhere else.
So after she woke up, we headed to Wallymart. Remember the bee sting I got on July 1st, well I ended up getting what is called a Bee Rash. It's a reaction that occurs within the next day or so after your stung. I have tried everything to stop the itching, to get rid of it and just get some relief. I finally saw an article that says you need a cream with antihistamine in it. Well after going to several pharmacy's, no such cream exists (with & without prescription). And all the Pharmacists recommendations are everything I've all ready tried. I am so beyond miserable and threw with this intense itching/pain on my foot. So since I was out of Anthistamine pills, I bought some more. We weren't even in Wallymart for 10 minutes and when we went to go to the car, the rain was pounding down. I ran out to the car to unlock it and even though we were in a handicap space, I was soaked (heck my hair is still wet at 1130p tonight). We made one of the plastic bags into a coat for Keree and she stayed pretty dry. We drove home in blinding rain and flood waters creeping onto the roads. Of course when we got home, my sidewalk had a good foot of water and it was closer to the house than normal. Thank goodness my front door is a few inches above ground level, otherwise we would be flooded. We spoke with my Grandparents tonight, I was hoping she would have some old time natural remedy in one of her vintage books, no such luck. Otherwise, Keree sang to my them God Bless America, Over the Rainbow and You are my Sunshine over the phone. Keree at the last moment has changed her mind and has decided to sing a different song at the pageant on Sunday. I hope she does well but she keeps changing her mind on everything, so that worries me.

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