Monday, July 26, 2010


When Keree woke up, she was in an ok mood but she wasn't feeling all too well. With this quick weather shift of cool nights but then super hot days, Keree's allergies are back in full force. Actually all of our allergies are acting up. Once we got to PT this morning, Keree seemed to be feeling better. Our Fill-In PT decided to have Keree do more adult exercises again. She had her walking on the treadmill and told Keree to tell her when she got tired. Ok, this is Keree, she will never admit to someone other than my Mom, Uncle or I that she's tired. She walked over 5 minutes on it before the PT put a stop to it. I'll skip through the rest of the details but the main reason we go to PT, is so they can stretch Keree's feet and leg muscles without her brace. The Fill-In PT ended up running out of time and didn't stretch her at all. I'll just say that our day didn't get any better after that. We had not even pulled out of the PT parking lot, when Keree dissolved into tears in pain. Keree has a super high tolerance for pain and it has to be super bad for her to say anything and for her to dissolve into tears, it has to be super intense pain. She screamed and cried the entire way home. The worst part about it, is there was nothing I could do. I had actually stopped carrying around our bottle of Tylenol because these episodes had been starting more towards the late morning and we are usually home at that time. The drive home felt like it took forever. As soon as we got home, Keree wanted to lay down, which is odd considering how early it was. I laid her down and told her I was going to give her medicine. Now, Keree spent the first 4 yrs of her life taking medicine like a champ, no fighting, crying, she just took it. These days, medicine has become a battle, I'm not sure if the aversion to medicine started because honestly it tastes awful or if it's a battle of wills. Can I drive my Mom nuts because I don't take my medicine. So when I brought her, her medicine, she whined and avoided it for about a minute before she finally drank it. I ended up sitting in there with her massaging her legs and feet until she feel asleep. She ended up running a low grade fever as she slept but that's nothing new to her painful episodes. Her nap lasted almost 4 hrs and when she has an episode as severe as today, I let her sleep. When she woke up, she was her happy, usual self. Since it was somewhat bearable this evening, we headed outside to play. Keree was excited that she found 2 brown feathers, she put both of them in her play mailbox for safe keeping. Otherwise she rode her bike up and down the sidewalk. I found a few more baby big boy tomatoes on our plants, which was exciting, so I took a few pictures of them. We headed inside just in time to watch American Pickers and then we headed to bed. Keree's legs started to hurt her again, I told her that the only thing we could do was take medicine. Amazingly she took it without fuss and fell asleep pretty quickly. The only downside was she woke up at least 4 times before midnight asking for her legs to be massaged.

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