Saturday, July 17, 2010

Last Game of the Season

Keree was so sad that today was her last game of the season. I have to say, I was a little sad too. She has had such a great Coach this year and honestly a great team. This is the first team she's been on that there has been no issue with her size, her brace, ethnicity or how her Mommy doesn't look like her. Not one of the kids said anything to her and there were no 100 questions from the Parents about adoption, medical, etc. Once we all got to the field, that is when the Coach discovered the other team refused to play us. I have no idea why and I'm not sure the Coach even knew. So, instead of the kids not getting to play, they played against the Parents. It turned out that only the Dad's played, I thought about playing but I was determined to finally get my shot of Keree hitting the ball. I had missed catching it the whole season, so it was kind of do or die. Plus by having the Dad's play it allowed the Kids to take batting practice over and over. Luckily, I caught Keree hitting the ball on her second time up to bat. I was so excited. After they batted several times and played in the field once, our time was up. They got their snacks and then the Coach presented their trophy's. Keree went nuts over her trophy, she was the only kid to exclaim "how funny, it's a baseball that looks like the world." And she was right, their trophies looked like globes, plus the baseball actually spins.

Once we headed back to the car, we decided since it had been a few weeks since we went to a yard sale. That we would try out a Church rummage sale held a few towns over. We got there an hour before it closed so they were telling everyone that it was 1/2 off everything. Well, when we got to the checkout, they then decided that everything was still full price. I honestly should have just put the stuff down and walked away because it really ticked me off. But I did find a few good things and honestly the prices weren't all that bad. So, I found a nice, heavy London Fog winter jacket for Keree that looks like it was never wore for $1. I then found a pink/brown plaid dress jacket, which is perfect for the Fall, it was also $1. I found a pair of 18 mos FG jean shorts and a pair of Gap adjustable waist black jeans, both for 50 cents a piece. I also found two tops, one is a Blue long sleeve fleece, while the other is a multi colored turtle neck, these were also 50 cents a piece. Keree found the Chicken Limbo game for $1 and she fell in love with the Spiderman Christmas pj's. I told her no at first because they were pretty faded but finally said yes because she was being so good. The Spiderman pj's were 50 cents. As we were finishing, that is when it started to get miserable hot outside. When we got home, we watered our plants and headed inside. Keree was so exhausted by then, that she didn't even want to eat lunch and just wanted to take a nap. She was so tired that she actually begged me to go to bed with her. After she fell asleep, I worked trying to organize the catch-all corner in the bedroom. Amazingly, I made some great progress on it. Once Keree woke up, she wasn't in the best of moods. I blame it largely on being out in the heat. So our evening was spent a large part trying to keep Keree from meltdown. We played, we drew and did a few workbooks. Thank goodness we made it to bedtime without incident.

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