Monday, July 5, 2010

Lesson 20 & Games

For some reason, everyone this morning wanted to sleep in except Keree and I. We got up, ate breakfast, and then I started making lunch. I was super excited to finally try cooking with Patty Pan Squash. I have always seen them at the Farmer Markets and Grocery stores but didn't know how to fix them. When my friend gave me some, I went looking on the internet first to find out what kind of squash they were. My Friend had no clue what they were. Once I knew what they were, I found my recipe, Patty Pan Squash Lasagna. After lunch was fixed and put in the fridge to be cooked later. Our next task was to work on Lesson 20 which introduced a new sound. It was hard to work outside because there was an awful strong breeze but we made due. Once we finished with Lesson 20, we worked in our math workbook and also a letter workbook (which is simple for Keree but we did it more for fun). After we finished, Keree played outside for a super short time but really wanted to head inside so we could start playing games. Our first game to play was Hasbro's Cootie Bugs. We had never played the game but we played it over and over for almost 2 hours. It's such a simple game for younger kids but also fun for 20, 30 & 50 yr olds. The only problem was Keree had alot of trouble pushing the pieces into the cootie bug face/body. I'm not sure if ours was defective or if it's really that tough because even us adults had issues with the pieces? The good side of all that is it really good occupational therapy for Keree. After we finished Cootie Bugs, I wanted to play Ravensburger's Stacrobats. Ok, I have to say we had never played this game before either but I'm pretty sure it is now our favorite. It's such a challenge, that it starts to bring out your competitive side to not let the tower fall. Now my Mom was sometimes frustrated because she couldn't get her Stacrobat to balance, she blamed it on her tri-focal glasses, we blamed her age, LOL. We finally stopped playing when lunch was ready. I can't believe how good the Patty Pan Squash lasagna tasted, it was amazing. I didn't follow the recipe exactly, so it turned out a little soupy but it was still really good. Then everyone laid down for a nap, except me. As soon as Keree woke up, the first thing out of her mouth was she wanted a drink and play Stacrobat's again. We played only one quick game. Since we bought this game at a thrift shop, I'm not sure if Ravensburger still makes it but if they do seriously go buy it because it's so much fun. We headed outside for a short time to water plants and we planned on playing outside. But the heat was unbearable. We ate leftovers for dinner. We then spent the evening watching movies together and just enjoying our time together.

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