Friday, July 23, 2010

Archaeologist & Garden Veggies

Late last night, we ended up having to run to the Dollar store. So I gave Keree, $1.25 we discussed the importance of money and she was given a choice to either save it or buy something. So while we looked around at the store and I found what I needed, Keree continued to look. She eventually picked out a Disney Car's book that she thought she wanted. A little later, she decided she didn't want the book after all. We walked around the store a little longer and I finally told her if we didn't find something this time, that we could just save the money for the next time we go to the store. She was ok with that, so we walked around the store one last time. We went up and down the candy aisle, I asked her if she wanted candy. In a very wise beyond her years answered "No Mommy because it won't last". Since nothing jumped out at her, we went to check out. There was a Dinosaur egg hanging there, it was one of those that you dig the dinosaur bones out of it and then assemble the dinosaur. Keree asked in a timid voice if she could get it. I told her if that is what she really wanted then she could. She was so excited to pay for it on her own and carry out her own sack.
Well as soon as she woke up this morning, she asked for her dinosaur egg. It had to sit next to her as she ate breakfast. Usually we have PT on Friday but our Fill-In PT had a day off, so instead just my Mom had it. So, since I had a little time, I need to get a few things done on the computer before we headed outside. Keree would not stop bothering me, so as we were heading outside, my Mom got back from PT. Before starting, I explained to Keree what she was doing. That she was being just like an archaeologist. We discussed what their job was and how they not only look for dinosaur bones but other things like the pyramids and mummies (she watched a show with me on them). So once I knew she had a firm grasp of the job and what they do, she went to work. I couldn't believe how rock solid the clay/dirt was, so I made a small hole, so that way the pick wouldn't keep sliding. I was concerned that she would hurt her finger. About 45 minutes into digging, she finally unearthed a leg. Considering that the temperature, was quickly rising and nearing 98 with 98% humidity, we asked Keree if we could help out. So my Mom was able to dig out a large chunk of dirt. We then handed it back to Keree to keep working on. I'm not sure how long it took her but she soon found the dinosaur's body and tail. She continued digging and finally found his skull and his other legs. She then carefully used the other end of the tool, to dig the dirt out of the carcasses and then used what she called the little bitty paint brush to dust the dirt off. It was finally time to assemble her dinosaur, which was a Dimetrodon. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get the pieces to snap together, so I helped her. Let's just say there was a little incident and we lost a dinosaur leg somewhere in our yard. We looked and looked for it but it was gone. Keree was ok that her dino was missing a leg, she goes, "he's like me, he just has a bad leg."
Before we headed in, we decided to pick a the few cherry tomatoes and peppers that were ripe. While we were moving the leaves of the cherry tomato plant , we were surprised that hidden underneath, were 2 gorgeous cucumbers. We were so excited because we really didn't think we would see anything from it because the blooms kept turning brown and seeming to wilt. From what we can see, there is 1 more cucumber almost ready to be picked and 2-3 more still growing. We also discovered 3 Big Boy tomatoes that are slowly growing. Too bad that out of 13 tomato plants, so far we only have those 3 green big boy tomatoes but honestly it's better than nothing. As for the rest of our day, it reached 121 degrees today, our window unit and fans kept the house bearable, but honestly it was miserable. I worked on some new creations for our upcoming fall shows, while Keree played with her toys. Her current obsession is putting various items on a pretend plate and then serving it to us. She's cooked some pretty crazy dishes. On the afternoon news, we did hear that the American Pickers were in town. My Mom and I sat there trying to figure out a way to track them down. I mean seriously, how cool would it had been to meet them, get pictures taken with them and their van. My Brother and I are such huge fans of the show. But we decided that more than likely that they were already gone since it was so late in the day, especially with the heat. Keree did help me with dinner tonight, I fixed Teriyaki Stir-fry with chicken. I had been craving Asian food for a few weeks, so I finally just made it if I just had some egg roll wrappers, nothing like homemade egg rolls.

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